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Carrie Craft

Updates on Two Hot Adoption Stories

By March 17, 2007

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Anna Mae He

The Associated Press is reporting that the He's had their first supervised visit with now second grader, Anna Mae. This visit is a part of the reunification process that will help Anna Mae transition back with her birth family. The He's lost custody of Anna Mae when she was a month old; they placed her in what they thought was temporary foster care due to financial hardships. The Bakers took in Anna Mae and have since been fighting for the right to finalize an adoption of the little girl. Tomorrow will bring another visit for Anna Mae and her birth parents, but this time her brother and sister will join them. The He's have not seen Anna Mae since 2003, before a trial on the Baker's adoption petition. The Bakers argue that this move will be traumatic for Anna Mae, but the judge has ruled that the He's had no intention of losing Anna Mae for forever, only of placing her in temporary foster care.

Angelina Jolie's Adoption of Pax Thien Jolie

Adoptions From the Heart has issued a press release answering some of the questions surrounding Jolie's latest adoption.

  • Adoptions from the Heart is the agency that worked with Jolie on this latest adoption.
  • This adoption was not "fast-tracked" as she began the process last summer.
  • She followed all of the same procedures that are expected of all prospective adoptive parents.
  • She did not pick the child out last November, but received a referral on the child.
  • She accepted the first referral given to her.
  • She has not made or promised to make any financial contributions to the orphanage.

There has been a lot of media around this little boy and Angelina Jolie has expressed concern in other reports about how she is sorry that such a media frenzy has been brought into his life. She is worried about how it will affect him. Do you realize how far the media has gone with this story? The press has published in various news articles copies of Pax Thien's passport and adoption paperwork complete with Angelina Jolie's famous signature! I think it's appalling. The press has gone way too far. No one needs to see these things; this family and this child's confidentiality have been violated.


In both of these stories are we forgetting the most important person in the adoption process, the child. Are we forgetting to look at the best interest of the child? Should we care if a celebrity seems to have a "fast-tracked" adoption, if it saves a child? Are we focusing too much on the He's and the Baker's, leaving out little Anna Mae? Adoption is so very personal. Do you think that sometimes we tend to do the human thing and compare these stories to our own adoption journey, feeling the losses as if they were our own to the point that we can't see anything else?

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March 18, 2007 at 2:33 pm
(1) Sandy says:

Well, not exactly what other potential parents would have to do afterall we don’t have a couple of million to donate. Lets not compare apples to nuts.

March 18, 2007 at 6:31 pm
(2) adoption says:

Well, that is kinda “nutty” as it states in the press release that Angelina didn’t donate anything! But, I did learn that it is not uncommon for any adoptive parent to give to an orphanage after an adoption. So why get ugly with celebrities when they donate? Is it because we’re upset that they have a bigger barrel of fruit to dip out of?

March 30, 2007 at 1:26 am
(3) Adoption2 says:

This site stated that Brad Pitt has adopted Angie’s children — where is the proof on that as it was a name change guardianship, not an adoption. Also this site stated that Angie followed all the rules when she adopted Pax, the Vietnamese adoption rules were bent since it is well-known that she and Pitt have been living together as partners. So where is the proof what you’re stating?

March 30, 2007 at 1:59 am
(4) adoption says:

Regarding Jolie’s Adoption: This site reported what was stated in the press release that is clearly noted under SOURCES. We are all free to question any given information, hence the coolness of a blog with comments.

Regarding Pitt’s Adoptions: This site reports what has been stated in various news resources, again, clearly noted under the heading of SOURCES.

If you are going to question this site’s resources, please document your own. If there has been a mistake, this site will take the time to verify and make any needed changes.

Thank you.

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