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Carrie Craft

Foster Care in the Media

By September 27, 2007

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Are you addicted to premier week like I am? I have already set my DVR to record all my favorites, and I have a tight schedule. I've been noticing that some of the plot lines this year include foster care.

CSI: Miami - I hope I don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet, but on CSI: Miami last night a young man who has been bouncing around different foster homes for years was a main suspect. He also turns out to be someone very important to one of the CSI's.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The premier is centered around the "miniature killer" who happens to be a former foster child who is obviously severely mentally ill. This girl is seriously not just "damaged, but broken" as mentioned by one of her past foster mothers in the season finale last May.

Just found another one:
Ugly Betty - It seems that the staff of Mode Magazine has an adoptee, and she didn't know until now! She's devastated by her late in life discovery and begins to overeat. Plus, she is worried about who her birth father is, because one option would mean that she has been sleeping with her half-brother. We don't need daytime Soaps to offer up huge plot twists and turns.

This is just a couple of one's I've noticed. I don't watch every new show, I actually have to pace myself or I'll be doing nothing else, but watching TV. Are there any other shows out there with a foster care or adoption plot line for premier week? If so, let me know.

So, do these plot lines damage how foster children are seen? The two mentioned above are both in trouble with the law, have trust issues, and in need of help. Does that pretty much sum it up for your typical foster child? What do you think?

I blogged earlier about how WWE Monday Night Raw has recently included an adoption theme in their newest - I don't even know what to call what it is they do - but their view of adoption seems to be anything but pleasant.

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October 3, 2007 at 12:50 pm
(1) nancy v. kulppi says:

In general, most foster kids started out with mal-functioning bio-parents and that plus changes of addresses can cause emotional problems; but then–look at guys like Timothy MacVeigh or Jeffery Dahmer who had one set of parents. The truth is, sometimes one caring person can make a kis life normal be it adoptive, bio or foster or even a teacher or neighbor. Lesson: No kis is well of in the life performence department without one sane person to care what happens to him or her/barring mental problems–and even then. Many kids in foster kids turn out JUST FINE if someone–anyone cares in time while many bio children do not with no-one to careie–Charles Manson.

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