1. Parenting
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Alabama State Foster Care


Foster Home Basic Requirements :

  • You are at least 19 years of age.
  • Foster homes can provide care for up to six children.
  • You can provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for the child.
  • Your home has enough space for the child and his or her belongings.
  • All members of your family are willing to share their home with a child who needs care.
  • All members of your family are in good health.
  • All adults in the home are willing to undergo a thorough background check, including criminal history.
  • Complete a 30-hour preparation course.

Different Types of Care:

Many different types of foster care are offered in Alabama. Learn more before making a decision to become a foster parent.

Contact Information:

On-line inquiry form.

Foster Care Adoption:

Learn more about adopting from Alabama.

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