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Madhu's Story

Finding Blessings Among the Losses

By Madhu Rollings

Sometimes I get nervous talking to people about what has happened to me, about being a child labourer in India and being abandoned, and about everything else that had happened there. My friends want to know about my life but sometimes I don't really know how to tell them. I let them read my book and ask me questions about my story and I try explaining so that they understand me better. So I still find my book useful and it means I don't have to think of the right words to tell them.

I am still the same kid I was when I was younger. I still don't know how old I am, or when I was born. I still don't have any baby photos as the youngest photo of me was taken at the police station after I was abandoned. Sometimes I think about what might have happened to my birth parents and brother and sister in India, because I don't know where they are or if they are okay. I know I probably won't get any more answers but that is okay because I feel happy about myself and I understand more about what has happened to me.

After I was adopted my life became better and has changed a lot. I'm glad it happened because if I stayed in the orphanage my little brother and I would have been split up and I would have been sent somewhere else. Although it was hard getting used to having a new family because everyone was strangers at first, I'm glad about being adopted because I get love and attention instead of feeling miserable and thinking nobody loved me.

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