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Adoptive Parents – A Definition of the Term Adoptive Parent - Adoption
Controversy often surrounds adoption as the child's birth certificate is amended with the names of the adoptive parents replacing the birth parent's names on the  ...
What Is the Purpose of Foster and Adoptive Parenting Classes?
Parenting classes for prospective foster and adoptive parents help parents... ... learn about the children in the foster care system. ...learn how abuse and neglect  ...
What Can I Expect at Foster and Adoptive Parent Classes? - Adoption
You will probably be trained by an experienced foster or adoptive parent and a licensed social worker or agency staff worker. Plan on lecture being part of the ...
Adoptive Parent Blogs - Adoption - About.com
Find my picks for the top adoptive parent blog. Whether adopting internationally, domestically, or special needs - these families have a story to share - and they ...
Adoptive Parenting Advice from Other Adoptive Parents - Adoption
Are you an adoptive parent? If so, now you can share your adoptive parenting experience with the rest of us. Submit your own stories and parenting advice and  ...
Establishing Yourself as a Parent - Adoption - About.com
When adopting an older child, establishing yourself as a parent can be a daunting task, especially if you are a first time parent or a younger person. Here are ...
Adoptive Parenting and Foster Parenting of Older Children - Adoption
There are many older children waiting for forever adoptive homes, learn more about what it takes to be an adoptive parent or foster parent of the older child.
Adoption - About.com Main Resource Page
Adoption and foster care information including; gay adoption, international adoption, domestic adoption and foster / adoptive parenting. Free adoption search ...
What Is PRIDE Foster Parent Adoptive Parent Training Class?
It is important to be prepared and well trained before embarking on foster parenting or completing a foster care adoption. Each state and country utilizes a ...
Adoption Reunion - Adoptive Parenting - About.com
Your adult child's interest in an adoption search and reunion could mean that you have succeeded as an adoptive parent. Your child must have high ...
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