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Celebrate Holidays with Foster Children - Adoption/Foster Care
Here are 8 ideas of things to get done with your foster children before Christmas gets here.
School Bullying and Foster Children
It's important to discuss bullying in relation to foster children due to the risk factors of bullying and why it occurs in school and in the community. Take a look at the ...
Foster Children and Celebrating Birthdays - Adoption/Foster Care
Celebrating birthdays is something most children look forward too, foster children are no different. Here are a few tips on helping a foster child celebrate his ...
Maintaining a Relationship Between Past Foster Parents and Foster ...
Maintaining Relationships Between Past Foster Parents and Foster Children. Ideas for Reunited Birth Family, Adoptive Parents, and Foster Parents. By Carrie  ...
Maintaining and Growing Connections Between Birth Parents and ...
One is the task of maintaining and growing bonds between foster children and their birth parents. It's easy for birth parents to feel left out when it comes to the ...
What to Do Before Sending Foster Children or Adopted Children ...
Are you ready to send your foster or adopted children back to school? What about any new child(ren) that have been placed in your home either because of ...
Nine Ways to Help Children in Foster Care - Adoption/Foster Care
If you are unable to do foster care at this time, what other ways can you help foster children? We have several ideas for you that will help foster children.
Foster Children and Your Extended Family During the Holidays
Holidays or big family gatherings are a tough situation for introducing your foster children to your extended family. Your extended family may feel uneasy about ...
Meeting Foster Children for the First Tme - Adoption/Foster Care
Learn some tips on how to handle the first meeting and day one with your new foster child.
How Does Providing Foster Care Affect Children in Your Home?
When deciding on whether or not to become a foster parent, it's important to consider the impact foster children will have on your home and children.
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