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What Is an Open Adoption? - About.com
An open adoption is an adoptive family and birth family keeping in contact for the benefit of a child. Contact in an open adoption can mean different things to ...
The Pros and Cons of an Open Adoption - About.com
While it can be a tricky arrangement, an open adoption is often in the child's best interest. Here are a few pros and cons to choosing an open adoption.
Open Adoption - All About Open Adoption - About.com
Open adoptions can be very beneficial to children. As is the case with many decisions in life, there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption. There is  ...
Open Adoption - History of Open Adoption - About.com
Catch a quick informative glimpse of open adoption in this short article by Lucille Carroll, guest author. Open adoption is not a new concept.
Open Adoption - Common Myths About Open Adoptions
There are many myths about open adoptions. Which open adoption myth have you heard before? Which ones do you believe? Explore the truth about open ...
All About Open Adoption for Birth and Placing Parents
An open adoption can be very beneficial to placed children. As is the case with many decisions in life, there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption.
Open Adoption - A Birth Mother's Story - About.com
This is the story of one birth mother making the most difficult decision of her life; to place her infant in an open adoption. Here she shares her struggles and ...
Which States Have Open Adoption Records? - About.com
According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway and The American Adoption Congress only a few States offer open adoption records. Do you live in a State ...
What Are the Differences in the Level of Contact in an Open Adoption
Contact within an adoption falls along a continuum with open communication at one end and no contact at the other. (See Graphic) Contact can be made directly  ...
What Are the Cons of an Open Adoption for Birth Family?
A listing of the possible negatives that may be associated with an open adoption.
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