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First Steps Toward More Adoption Information


Are you wondering if adoption is right for your family? Are you considering placing your child for adoption or seeking out an adult child placed many years ago? Most first steps on a new journey begin with questions. Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about adoption and the adoption process here.
  1. Making the Decision to Adopt
  2. The Adoption Process
  3. International Adoption
  4. Single Parent Adoption
  5. Interracial Adoption
  1. Gay Adoption
  2. Adoption Search & Reunion
  3. Adoption Law
  4. Birth Parent Rights

Making the Decision to Adopt

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It doesn't matter if you're already parenting, have adopted in the past or lacking the sound of little feet running around your home, more than likely the thought of adopting a child brings a bit of fear. It also brings up many questions. Let's focus on finding some answers.

The Adoption Process

Orphanage in India

The best place to begin any process is with information! Learn all you can about adoption and adoptive parenting.

International Adoption

An Adoption Referral Is One of the Most Exciting Parts of the International Adoption Process.

The world of international adoption is always changing it seems. So it's important to stay up to date on the changing world of international adoption and the issues.

Single Parent Adoption

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Don't discount yourself from parenthood due to your single status. There are children waiting to fill your heart and home. Single parent adoptions are very popular and possible.

Interracial Adoption

An infant waiting to complete a Haiti adoption rests in a caregivers hands.

Thanks to the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act of 1994 and the revisions made in 1996, it is against the law to prohibit an adoption or delay an adoption based solely on the race of the adoptive parents or child. Now the decision rests mainly with the families, social workers, and agencies involved. What issues should you consider before making the final decision to adopt interracially?

Gay Adoption

Learn More About Gay Adoption

Many gay and lesbians are creating a family through adoption. Here are some basics and first steps for the gay and lesbian community.

Adoption Search & Reunion

First Meeting

The vast majority of the emails I receive are from people trying to locate different family members separated by adoption. Learn how to do an adoption search or how to work with adoption search volunteers like adoption search angels. Discover the ins and outs of adoption reunion. What to expect and what to avoid.

Adoption Law


As long as adoption and foster care is a part of our society, there will be issues surrounding these topics. Everyone has their own view points on adoption and foster care, often because adoption and foster care touch so many lives. Here are a few of the hottest topics including adoption law and the rights of the different members of the adoption and foster care community.

Birth Parent Rights

Grandma's Hand

For many years birth parents have felt that they have not had a voice. The Internet has brought many birth parents the needed voice to speak on their behalf and demand to be heard. Here are what they have to say.

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