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Single Woman Adoption Requirements for China


Question: Single Woman Adoption Requirements for China

Starting March 15, 2011, a new adoption program in China will allow for single woman adoption. The China Centre for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) stated the following concerning the new policy:

"In order to promote special needs child adoption and guarantee the basic interests of the orphaned and disabled children, CCAA decided to accept the adoption applications from female single applicants to adopt according to the requirements...."

Here is a quick synopsis on the requirements for the single woman adoption program in China.

  • Single woman adoption program is for special focus children that are listed on the Special Needs System of CCAA.

  • Only one adoption can be completed at a time with at least one year between adoptions.

  • The single woman must be at least 30-years-old and under the age of 50. For those over the age of 50, the age difference between the child to be adopted and the applicant must be no more than 45 years.

  • A civil status certificate with single woman showing certification of being single and non-homosexual, divorced woman showing divorce certificates, and widowed woman providing death certificates of former spouse.

  • Must be healthy both physically and mentally, as well as law abiding with no criminal records and good moral conduct.

  • Annual income shall be at least $10,000 per family member including prospective adoptee and the net family assets to value at least $100,000.

  • The single woman interested in adopting from China should also be able to provide good medical insurance for the special needs child.

  • Those interested in the single woman adoption program must also be experienced in child care or in related fields, and best that the applicant already been successful in caring for special needs children.

  • If there are other children in the home, there shall be no more than two children under the age of 18 and the youngest should be at least 6-years-old.

  • The applicant must be ready to parent a special needs child and the social worker conducting the adoption home study needs to report on the applicant's motivation for adopting a special needs child, the reason she is single, and her attitude towards marriage. The home study also needs to reflect on how the single woman plans on providing male role models for her child.

  • The single woman must be ready to attend training for international adoptions and special needs children and provide a nurturing and rehabilitation plan, including her support system at home.

  • If the applicant lives with a man, they are required to follow the requirements of couple applicants.

For more information and the source of the above see: U.S. Department of State

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