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2012 A Year in Review


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January - February 2012
Cover art for Postcards From The Soul.

Cover art for Postcards From The Soul.

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January 2012

  • The year started off with Jon Huntsman being upset about a video used in a Ron Paul ad, featuring Huntsman's adopted daughters as infants with the spoken words, "American values. Or Chinese?". Huntsman referred to the ad as "just stupid." (We were all grateful when the election was finally over in November, just so we could escape the political mud slinging.) Ron Paul denied any knowledge of the ad.

  • Queen Latifah shared during an Access Hollywood interview that she'd consider adopting a child and would raise her child with morals, values, and God.

  • Jillian Michaels announced to Access Hollywood that she had been matched with a little girl from Haiti.

  • The Foster Care Alumni of America's Community Art Project explored the culture of foster care through personal pieces of art - postcards - and gathered them together in a new book, Postcards From The Soul. It is a very powerful way to share not only the foster care system but the children and how they experience foster care.

  • Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley announced that they were starting the adoption process again. They also spoke openly about the issues Katherine was having bonding with their daughter. It was great to hear a celebrity adoptive parent speak about the importance of preparing to adopt and acknowledge the time it takes to form an attachment with a child.

  • Brad Pitt shared that he and Angelina Jolie were also open to adopting more children but had nothing in the works at this time as they had a balance within their home. He also stated that if they met someone who needed them, and they felt they would help the child, they would add to their family.

  • India began to accept new adoption applications under its new guidelines.

February 2012

  • A bit of vintage fun was found in February when "Where's the Beef?" T-shirts could be purchased with a portion of the proceeds going to Wendy's Wonderful Kids (WWK)

  • February brought a tragedy that none of us will ever forget. Charlie, age 7 and Braden, age 5, were murdered by their father, Joshua Powell, during a home visit. We watched the 20/20 special Sins of the Father and struggled to understand how this happened. I shared a few of my opinions and questions Things We Can Learn from the Joshua Powell Tragedy

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