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Adoption / Foster Care Gifts and Crafts

Some ideas for adoption gifts to give to birth parents, adoptees, foster children or foster/adoptive parents.

Foster Family Gift Ideas
Find family gift ideas for your foster parent friends or family.

Adoption Apparel
Adoption apparel that would make awesome gift ideas for those in your life who are a part of the adoption or foster care triad - from adoptive parents and birth parents to adoptees.

How to Create Footprint Ghosts
A cute Halloween gift for birth moms.

Adoption Gift - Share A Favorite Adoption Gift that You've Received or Given
Take a moment and share a favorite adoption gift that you have received or given to another. It doesn't matter the recipient - whether the adoption gift was for the adoptive family, the birth family, or the adoptee. It doesn't matter the occasion - the child's adoption day, National adoption month, Christmas, Birthday, Mother or Father's Day....

Help a Foster Child Move with Dignity with a Fun Decorated Tote
Create a fun tote with your foster child to store and move their items with dignity.

Adoption store ManyHeartsOneBeat has much to offer adoptive families. ManyHeartsOneBeat is the brain child of single adoptive mom and graphic designer, Lisa Jacuzzo, who personally designed the items within her online store.

Adoption Ornaments
Select the perfect adoption ornament to compliment your adoption journey this year. Adoption ornaments also make great gifts.

Top Adoption Gifts
What would make a great gift for someone who is an adoptive or foster parent? How about a birth parent? Try some of these ideas!

Adoption Jewelry
Top adoption jewelry pieces can be found on-line for quick adoption gifts. These items make wonderful adoption gifts for the holidays or National Adoption Month.

Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs
Beautiful handmade jewelry that send special heart felt messages about adoption. Jewelry with Russian adoption or China adoption themes availabe as well as custom designs.

Tangled Hearts Necklace
A beautiful necklace that would make a great gift for any member of the adoption triad. The net proceeds go to a charity that supports children who age out of the foster care system. The fund is administered by the Orphan Foundation of America (OFA).

Handmade Gifts for BirthMom
Handmade gifts for birthmom in a foster or adoptive situation.

Gift Ideas for Birthmoms
Touching gifts that an adult adoptee can create for his/her birthmom.

Grandparent and Extended Family Gift Ideas
Grandparents are usually very involved in foster cases, either as support to the children and the families, or as possible resources for future placement. I try to keep that connection going by making sure that the foster children's grandparents know what is happening with the children and by giving them simple gifts on special occasions. Find adoption or foster care gift ideas here.

Simple Handprint Turkey
Cute and fun turkey with handprint cutouts for tail feathers. A great Thanksgiving craft. This one is easily and quickly made.

Turkey With Handprint Feathers
Cute and fun turkey with handprint cutouts for tail feathers.

How to Make a Double Handprint Turkey
Cute and fun turkey with double handprint cutouts for tail feathers featuring the thumbs as feet. A great Thanksgiving craft.

Reindeer With Handprint Antlers
This cute Rudolph will surely brighten up any dull winter day. Have fun with this activity.

Handprint Hearts
Handprint hearts are a cute way to decorate any card.

Create a Timeline
A wonderful gift to give a birthmom in a foster or adoptive situation.

How to Create a Large Handprint Flower With Child's Photo
A cute gift for any mom. A large handprint flower featuring the child's portrait as the center of the flower.

How to Create a Cute Handprint Flower
Create a cute handprint flower as a gift to a birth mother in an adoption or foster care situation.

How to Create a Footprint Chick
Create a cute foot chick with the print of your child's foot. Perfect gift for a birth parent in an adoption or foster care situation.

Handprint Lilies
Handprint Lily bouquet to brighten spring decor for that special someone.

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