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ManyHeartsOneBeat Magnet

"ManyHeartsOneBeat" Magnet

Photo © Carrie Craft
ManyHeartsOneBeat is the creation of single, adoptive mother Lisa Jacuzzo. A variety of cute, unique adoption gifts are offered on the website, such as a plantable Arrival Day Spruce tree ornament and bumper stickers. Clothing, hats, and tote bags are also available with adoption messages that range from: "Adopt - Because Every Child Deserves a Family," "ManyHeartsOneBeat," "Adoption - A Serendipitous Creation of Family," and "At Last, The Journey of Many Hearts Now Beat as One." There are even gift ideas for Dad!

The Background Story to ManyHeartsOneBeat

Founder and single, adoptive mom, Lisa Jacuzzo, adopted her son, Mateo, from Guatemala. The story of how this all started, which can be found on her ManyHeartsOneBeat website, began on an average day while watching her son play. Lisa wondered at all the people who played a role in the two of them becoming a family. She recalled thinking of everyone from her family and friends, to the notaries, bank staff, and caseworkers that participated in some aspect of the adoption process. She remembered her son's birth family and foster parents in his home country. She states,

"All these people, in some way, helped in our adoption journey ~~ all these many hearts who worked in unison so I could one day home my son in my arms for the first time ~~ this is when these countless many hearts finally beat as one."

Lisa has a big goal for her online Web site and logo, ManyHeartsOneBeat; that it will one day be a universal symbol to the adoption community. It's a big goal, but with the beautiful jewelry designs, heartfelt graphics, and the awesome variety of products offered, she and ManyHeartsOneBeat should go far.

Product Review

ManyHeartsOneBeat Money Clip

"ManyHeartsOneBeat" Money Clip

Photo © Carrie Craft

I received a large package from ManyHeartsOneBeat that included several of the website's most popular items: embroidered hat, Signature Heart Pendant, magnet, money clip, mouse pad, bumper stickers, and Arrival Day Blue Spruce tree ornament. A review of the hat and Signature Heart Pendant can be found in separate reviews.

  • Adoption Magnet - Well-made and features a black & white photo of an adult and child's hands with a green banner that reads "Adoption." The outside border is in purple. The bottom of the magnet reads, "A Serendipitous Creation of Family." (see photo above)

  • Arrival Day Blue Spruce Tree Ornament - Place on your holiday tree and after the season plant for a future reminder of your child's adoption day. Comes with a card with planting directions. A unique gift as the ornament itself is embedded with seeds.(see photo above)

  • Adoption Bumper Stickers - Let your message be heard with a variety of adoption messages that can be placed on a bumper or glass:

    • Purple and white approx. size 4"x3" with message "Pro-Adoption - every child deserves a family,"
    • Burgundy and White approx. size 6"x4" with message "Adopt - because every single child is entitled to a family,"
    • Purple, green, and white approx. size 5"X3" with message "Adoption - many hearts one beat!"
    • (see photo above)

  • Money Clip - Great looking Italian brown leather money clip with custom engraved adoption message that reads, "Adopt - because every child deserves a family," with strong magnetic closure. Approx. size: 1"x2" What a great gift idea for the men in your life. Don't forget case workers or others who played an important role in bringing your family together. (see photo above)

  • Mouse Pad - Another great gift idea! Item features an 1/8" rubber base with a hard surface top, not fabric with the approx size: 8"x8". The item has a purple border with a green banner on a black & white photo of an adult and child's hands. The mouse pad also features smaller black & white pictures of families and children of different races. Message reads, "Adoption - A Serendipitous Creation of Family."(see photo below)

Final Thoughts

ManyHeartsOneBeat Mouse Pad

"ManyHeartsOneBeat" Mouse Pad

Photo © Carrie Craft

I found the products from ManyHeartsOneBeat to be thoughtful and creative. It is clear to me that Lisa Jacuzzo wanted every member of the adoption triad to be represented in the designs chosen for the items featured on the site, many of which would be appropriate for foster to adopt, international, kinship, step parent, interracial, or domestic adoptions.

The prices on the items seemed reasonable and there were a wide range of items to choose from making gift buying a breeze. I was very happy to find items appropriate for the completely difficult to buy for guys on my shopping list that featured positive adoption messages, but not feminine in appearance.

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