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Adoption Apparel

hoose Adoption Clothing and Adoption Apparel as Adoption Gifts


Adoption apparel that would make awesome gift ideas for those in your life who are a part of the adoption or foster care triad - from adoptive parents and birth parents to adoptees.

1. Adoption Bug

Graphic artist, Tammi, shares that she uses her creative outlet to express her feelings. While waiting to adopt from China, she has designed several cute t-shirts to not only show her feelings, but to help fund their adoption. Find unique sayings, "So far, no morning sickness...But the paper cuts are terrible" to "Motherhood no stretchmarks required" or "Fatherhood requires love, not DNA." Adoption Bug offers t-shirts for those adopting from China, Ethiopia, Russia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Korea, Vietnam as well as foster adoption. If you too have used various fund raising efforts to fund your adoption, take a moment and check out the families utilizing the Adoption Bug and purchase a gift that will help another family.

2. Evil Genius Tees

Tees with a bit of an attitude. Gifts for those adopting internationally or domestically.

3. All Families Are Created Equal by Tinyrevolutionary.com

Like the Tiny Revolutionary website says, family is not about color or biology. This colorful tee, available in sizes 6 months to 4T, promotes that belief system. "These families can have a mommy and a daddy, two mommies or two daddies, one mommy, one daddy, grandparents and a host of other arrangements. The one common denominator, though, is love. We created this adorable tee, displaying many different types of families, so that all kids could show their family pride!"

4. All Babies are Created Equal by Tinyrevolutionary.com

This cute "Eco-Tee" according to the website is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and rayon mined from the cell walls of plants. Simple and not specifically an adoption or foster care themed tee, but a positive message for the world. Available in 12-18 months.

5. Chosen Tee by Tinyrevolutionary.com

Another "Eco-tee" by Tinyrevoluntionary.com, featuring multiracial infants. A perfect adoption gift, available in sizes 3 months to 4T.

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