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Celebrity Adoptions

Learn more about famous Hollywood adoptions and other celebrities with a tie to the adoption or foster care community.

San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick Is a Famous Adoptee
This famous adoptee is headed for the Super Bowl.

Dave Pelzer Is a Famous Foster Kid
Learn more about this famous foster kid who grew up to be a famous author.

Jimmy Wayne Is a Famous Foster Kid
Learn more about this famous former foster kid who aged out of the system and beat the odds.

Famous Adoptive Parent - Viola Davis
Learn more about the actress Viola Davis and her family's adoption story.

Jon Huntsman Jr Is an Adoptive Parent
Learn more about Jon Huntsman and his adoptive family.

New Orleans Saints Scott Fujita Is a Famous Adoptee
New Orleans Saints, Scott Fujita is a famous adoptee. Learn more about New Orleans Saints Scott Fujita's adoption story.

Adoptive Parent Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith was also an adoptive father of two.

Do you think celebrities have it easy when it comes to adoption?
It seems like celebrities can adopt easier than the average citizen. What do you think?

Oprah's Big Secret Adoption Connection
Oprah's big secret is revealed in a January 2011, episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Learn more about Oprah's big secret and Oprah's adoption connection.

All About David Pelzer
A page full of Dave Pelzer information and links to book reviews.

Rosie O'Donnell Is a Famous Gay Adoptive & Foster Parent
Learn more about Rosie O'Donnell and her family.

Famous Adoptive Parent - Angelina Jolie
Information on famous adoptive parent, Angelina Jolie. Not only is she a popular film star, but a humanitarian who does good work across the globe to help make life better for children.

Famous Adoptive Parent - Brad Pitt
Information on famous adoptive parent, Brad Pitt. Not only is he a popular film star, but an adoptive father.

Interivew with Rapper DMC - My Adoption Journey
DMC shares thoughts on adoption reunion, adoption search and the need for open adoption records.

Senator John McCain Is an Adoptive Parent
Senator John McCain and Presidential election candidate for 2008 is an adoptive parent. Learn more about John McCain and the adoption of his youngest daughter.

Olympic Athlete Reese Hoffa Shares His Adoption Story
Olympic athlete, Reese Hoffa was adopted at the age of four from a Kentucky orphange. He accidentally set the family home on fire and for 19 years felt that it was his fault that he and his brother were placed for adoption. An adoption reunion with his mother made all the different to this Olympic athlete.

Reese Hoffa Is an Olympic Athlete and a Famous Adoptee
Reese Hoffa is a shot putter, an Olympic athlete, and a famous adoptee.

DMC: My Adoption Journey
A review of "dmc: my adoption journey" which aired on February 25, 2006 on VH1. A short documentary of DMC's quest to find his birth mother.

Famous Adoptee - Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of RUN-DMC
Darryl McDaniels - aka - DMC of RUN DMC, discovered he was adopted at the age of 35 when he was working on his autobiography. He has since been searching for his family roots with the cameras of VH1 following him on his journey.

Famous Foster Kids
A growing list of famous foster children from Eddie Murphy to Marilyn Monroe.

Famous Olympian Adoptee - Aaron Parchem
Get some quick facts on Aaron Parchem, Olympian adoptee.

Famous Adoptive Parent - Meg Ryan
Actress Meg Rayn adopts a little girl from China.

Oscar's Adoption Connection Quiz
Test your Oscar knowledge!

Oscar's Adoption Connection
Trivia about which past and present Oscar winners have an adoption connection.

Olympian Adoptees - Famous Adopted Athletes
Which of our Olympic Stars are adoptees? Discover a few fun facts about this list of winners.

Famous Olympian Adoptee - Hayley Wickenheiser
Get some quick facts on Hayley Wickenheiser, Olympian adoptee.

Famous Olympian Adoptee - Toby Dawson
Get some quick facts on Toby Dawson, Olympian adoptee.

Charlize Theron Is a Famous Adoptive Mother
Charlize Theron adopted a son in 2012.

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