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Adoption Poems & Foster Parent Poems

Adoption poems written by adoptive parents, birth family, foster parents, and adoptees. Find an adoption poem for an adoption announcement or one that suits your mood at this time in your adoption journey.

Adoption Poems - Healing Words of Adoption Poetry
Many members of the adoption triad have found healing in sharing adoption poems. What do adoption poems mean to you? Have you written an adoption poem that you would like to share with others?

An Adoption Poem - A Special Bond, a Feeling I Belong
An adoptee shares the feelings of finally meeting a member of her birth family.

Adoption Poems by Subject
Read poems written by readers who have used their talent as a way to work through the heavy emotions attached to adoption.

An Adoption Poem - The Right Choice for a Baby Boy
Through an adoption poem a birth mother explains her decision to place her baby for adoption.

Adoption Poems About Birth Mothers
Adoption poems about the love of birthmothers and the grief and loss they endure when choosing to place their child for adoption.

An Adoption Poem - Today Is Her Birthday
Read the words of a birthmother reflecting on the day of her placed child's birth.

Adoption Poems About Adoption Search and Reunion
Adoption poems that are specifically about adoption searches and adoption reunions.

Adoptee Adoption Poems
A listing of adoption poems written by and or for adoptees that have been shared with About.com readers.

Foster Care and Foster Care Adoption Poems
Find a listing of foster care adoption poems that may be special for foster care adoption situations.

Adoption Poems for Adoptive Parents
A listing of adoption poems mostly written while waiting for an adoption finalization or waiting for an adoption referral.

An Adoption Poem - Written by a Teenage Birth Mother
A young birth mother tries to explain how she chose adoption through an adoption poem.

Adoption Poems for Children
Find a listing of adoption poems that may be more appropriate for younger children.

An Adoption Poem - Mother
An adoptee shares thoughts on the connection with both adoptive mom and birth mom.

Finding Father, Missing Mother
An adoptee shares his feelings about the hope for an adoption reunion.

Angels Working Overtime
An adoptive parent shares an adoption poem for children.

That Day
An adoptee shares a poem about her dream for an adoption reunion.

The Reunion
This adoptee has written about an adoption reunion that did not turn out the way she had hoped.

What I Am
An adoption poem by Lisa Myers, adoptee.

To Her Birthmother
An adoptive father shares his feelings about the birthmother of his Chinese adopted daughter.

Another Year Gone By
Adoptee Lisa Myers shares another adoption poem about wanting to meet her birth mother.

Lisa Myers, an adoptee, shares with readers an adoption poem that further explores her feelings of adoption.

Still Silent
An adoptee shares the pain of an adoption reunion that ends without warning.

On the Wings of a Prayer
A poem written by a mother who lost custody of two children to grandparents.

A poem that speaks about the trauma of moving children from foster home to foster home and how the children work to believe that they can now trust a new set of parents.

A Moonbeam
Poems by an adoptive father who waits for a referral.

Can You Hear a Mother's Cry?
An adoptive mother writes about waiting for the finalization of her child's adoption.

The Rising Moon
An adoption poem about waiting for a child referral.

A poem by an adoptive father who awaits for an adoption referral.

Poem written by an adoptive mother waiting for the finalization of her child's adoption from Russia.

Oh Little One
A poem written by an adoptive mom as she waits for an adoption referral.

Two Families
Amanda, an adoptee from Taiwan, shares a poem written when she was nine years old, just soon after meeting her birth mother.

I Dream of You
An adoptive father writes about a birthmother's love.

She Loves Me
Adoptive parent Tom Fisher, writes about the love a birth mother has for her child.

Until Forever
Adoption Poem by adoptive parent, Tom Fisher.

A Mother's Love
Adoption Poetry by Tom Fisher, adoptive parent.

Sealed Records
A poem written by a woman upon finding her brother.

Before The Dawn
An adoptive father shares another adoption poem.

An Adoption Poem - Forever Is a Lie
A birth mom shares her feelings about placing her child for adoption through an adoption poem.

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