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An Adoption Poem - A Special Bond, a Feeling I Belong


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A Special Bond, a Feeling I Belong

As a small child there was a darkness I felt.
Too young to realize what it all meant.

Showered in love I put a smile on my face.
But something was missing, inside me a space.

I grew with a longing to feel something more.
something was lacking right in my core.

When I looked in the mirror a stranger looked back.
No features copied from this person or that.

Being part of a family that's not yours at all.
I felt very different and put up a wall.

This family you're in say that they love you.
They try everything they can do to show you.

It's different though when you weren't born into their clan.
Just a baby put into their empty pram.

Ignoring my feelings I tried to be happy not hateful.
Surely none of it mattered and I ought to be grateful.

The years passed by and life was OK
Then it hit me on my daughter's birthday.

When I looked at her for the very first time.
I saw a face looking back, that was just like mine.

I looked into that face and felt the darkness fade away.
I met a member of my own family that day.

~ Written by adoptee Jackie.

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