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An Adoption Poem - On the Wings of a Prayer

By Debbie Zamsky

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On the Wings of a Prayer

On the wings of a prayer, I gave my two to you.
Please, end this misery of all the grief.

All I wanted was love for my two,
but the courts saw it differently.

One, two, three sent off to thee,
Please, end the misery with flee.

Who is there to catch my two,
with open arms;
With no harm
It was Grammie and PaPa without judging hearts;
It was the start.

“Parenting is an art,” so Grammie said
“I know,” I said back.

Can we share my two? I wondered.
Grammie and Papa pondered.

On the wings of a prayer, They were sent to you.
We, both got the answer from God,
Fridays and Sundays will be family time
for all to see
Our two to hold in my arms
without any harm.

Love can be shared for all to see,
This was done on the wings of a prayer.

Written By: Debbie Zamsky, mother of two, Jessica and Daniel, who both are being adopted by grandparents, so I still can be a mommy to them.

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