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Articles dealing with different aspects of adoption and the rights for adoptees and others within the adoption community.
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What Is the Dima Yakovlev Bill?
This Russian document may mean a ban on Russian adoptions for US citizens.

What Is the Magnitsky Act?
This law signed by President Obama has made a huge impact on Russian adoptions.

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates and Adoption Issues
Learn more about each of the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates and how they feel about different adoption issues.

What We Can Learn from the Oprah Reunion
While many in the adoption community hope that the Oprah reunion with her sister she never knew will bring about positive changes in establishing equal rights in adoption. I feel that there are other lessons in the adoption reunion for those still searching. Lessons we can learn now from the Oprah reunion, if we are open to learning them.

Russian Murder Cases of Children Have Been by an Adoptive Parent
The facts on the cases of the Russian children murdered by their adoptive parents.

Adoption Is not a Reproduction Rights Issue
An interesting essay on the laws pertaining to adoption and reproductive rights. Many try to connect the two, this essay points out the fact that the two have nothing to do with each other.

Adoption Relationships: A Triangle or a Plane?
The three main groups of adoption are usually represented by a triangle. Two adoptees change up this idea with the introduction of the adoption plane.

12 Russian Children Murdered by Adoptive Parents
There have been 12 cases of adopted children from Russia who were murdered by their adoptive parents. Here are the quick facts on these chilling cases.

History of Open Adoption
Catch a quick informative glimpse of adoption in this short article by Louann Carroll, guest author.

The Wall - An Essay on Open Adoption
This is the wall keeping countless mothers separated from their children by the system called Open Adoption.

The Wall - Part 2 - An Essay on Open Adoption
The type of grief experienced in adoption (closed or open in an unhealthy manner) is so uniquely painful that it has also been compared to that experienced by the families of soldiers missing in action. Part 2 in a two part essay.

Rebuttal: Safe Haven Laws Seriously Flawed
Another take on the Safe Haven laws that 45 of the 50 States have enacted. Written by Erik Smith.

The Adoption Activism Press

Bastard Nation
Join the fight to open adoption records.

The Ohio Putative Father Registry - The What?
Erik Smith struggles to sign the very registry he needs to sign in order to maintain his rights as a potential father. Read his interesting story here.

What Is the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)?
A group that combines legislatures and adoption experts to bring about positive changes.

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