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Adoptive Family Support Resources

Support and help for the adoptive family.

Family Adoption Support Group Ideas
15 different activities for your adoption support group. Great ideas for family groups as well as children's groups.

What Is the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption?
Learn more about this wonderful agency that promotes foster care adoption and provides grants to agencies.

Christian Adoptions
Visit the link and then choose "Protestant" name in the Faith denominations Index list on left to take you to the Christian Adoption section. Then select from three forums: a. Christian Adoptee Fellowship b. Christian Adoptive Parents c. Bethany Christian Services.

Let’s Talk Adoption…with Mardie Caldwell
A very information radio show airing on Tuesdays at 8am PT, 11am ET.

Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network, Inc
Website of Sherrie Eldridge, author of "Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew". Find articles, on-line ordering of Sherrie's books, contact information for adoption consultations, and much more.

A Mother's Charm
Offering original (sterling silver/gold) adoption charms for moms and dads that include the Gotcha engravable charm and the shoes from around the world to commemorate adopting your child. Also offering a book out on affording adoption that has received lots of positive feedback from adoptive parents since 2003.

Family Helper
Helping you build a family.

A monthly on-line International Adoption magazine helping people to adopt from multiple countries. We are also the largest photolisting website for waiting children. RainbowKids.com was created and founded in May 1996 by Martha Osborne, an adoptee, a wife and the mother of 5 children through adoption.

Parent Guides and Resources from EMK Press
Free downloadable guides regarding adoptive parenting. EMK Press was founded by an adoptive mother of two and focuses its publications on adoption issues.

From the site: "I designed ADOPTads after speaking with my clients and birthparents. This service is only a meeting place for pregnant women and adoptive parents. It is not an adoption attorney, adoption agency, or facilitator. Adoptive parents provide a non-refundable fee to use the service, and regardless of success."

Tuft University Child and Family Web Guide
"A directory that evaluates, describes and provides links to hundreds of sites containing research and resources. Provides information involving health, education, family and typical development."

Adoption Parent Profiles
A way for Birthmothers and adoptive parents to connect. By placing your freee adoption parent profile on the ParentGallery.com Web site you are now able to be viewed by thousands of Birthmoms world wide.

UT Parent
A great listing of links and helpful articles.

Adoption Paths
Education and support for prospecitve adoptive families. Prospective adoptive parents are provided with information and support independent of the special interests of any adoption agency or attorney.

Profiles of Adoption
A service for hopeful adoptive parents to assist them with the creation of their birthparent letter/profile.

Dave Thomas Foundation
Devoted to finding permanent adoptive homes for America's children waiting in foster care.

Connected Hearts Adoption Triad Support ~ From their website: CHATS is a non-denomina­tional organization that seeks to involve and serve all members of the adoption triad (i.e. adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents) as well as others interested in and impacted by adoption.

International Adoption Stories
Adoption and International Adoption Information featuring adoption agency advice. In addition to personal stories, the site includes information on adoption costs and financing, medical and health advice, parenting tips and news.

A center for parental wellness in the LA area providing postpartum assessment and treatment, parenting workshops, developmental assessments and treatment, play therapy, mommy & me, daddy & me classes, one-on-one and family couseling and more.

For A Child's H.E.A.R.T., Inc.
"Is located in Vallejo, CA, and is a non-profit organization which provides therapeutic and support services to children living in foster/adoptive care, and their care providers. Their goal is to motivate, encourage, and support foster/adoptive youth and caregivers in enduring the hard times with a sense of hope."

Post Adoption Information
A non-profit organization who addresses the difficulties associated with Post Adoption issues - focusing on the complexities of adopting within the International Community.

Adoption UK
Adoption UK is the only national self-help group run by and for adoptive parents and foster carers, offering support before, during and after adoption. Helpline, support group, lending library, adoption support coordinator, plus much much more. Adoption UK can only answer queries from prospective adopters who are to be assessed and approved by adoption agencies within the United Kingdom.

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