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Information on Affording the Cost of an Adoption

Information on adoption costs and the breakdown by different types of adoption. Also find ideas on fundraising in an effort to afford an adoption.

Adoption Costs
A breakdown of the cost of adoption by the type of adoption.

7 Ways to Afford the Cost of Adoption
One of the major reasons people don't pursue adoption is the cost of adoption, especially international adoption. Many every day people have added to their family through adoption without going flat broke. Here are a few ways to help with adoption costs.

This program offers grants to adoptive families regardless of race, adoption type, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Get Creative with Adoption Fundraising Efforts
Here are a few adoption fundraising ideas I've seen around. What worked for you and your family? Please share your ideas and we can expand this list together to help other families grow.

Adoption Grants and Loans May Help with the High Cost of an Adoption
A list of organizations that may be able to help adoptive parents afford the cost of an adoption with grants and loans.

Non-Recurring Adoption Cost
Understanding what a non-recurring adoption cost is and how it may be reimbursed during the adoption process.

What Is an Adoption Subsidy
Do adoptive families get funding after an adoption is final? If so, how does a state determine which child needs an adoption subsidy?

Which Adoptions Qualify for Non-recurring Adoption Expenses?
Another way that helps make adoptions more affordable.

Does the Military Offer Special Funds for Adoption?
Military families may be able to afford adoption cost with reimbursement from their military branch. Look for ways to help with the high cost of adoption.

What Are Employer Sponsored Adoption Benefits?
Over the years more and more companies are offering adoption benefits to their adoptive parent employees. Typically these benefits come in three different ways: adoption information, financial assistance and parental leave polices. Does your employer offer adoption benefits?

Domestic Public Agency Adoptions
A breakdown of the different costs associated with adoption.

Domestic Private Agency Adoptions
A breakdown of the costs associated with adoption.

Intercountry Private Agency or Independent Adoptions
A breakdown of the costs associated with adoptions.

Domestic Adoption Costs
The costs involved with a domestic adoptions.

Intercountry Adoption Costs
An outline of the costs involved with an international adoption.

Domestic Independent Adoptions
A breakdown of the costs associated with adoption.

Affording Adoption Costs with Fundraising Ideas and Saving Plans - Ad…
The affording an adoption, especially international adoption, is sometimes a huge barrier for many families. Adoptive and prospective adoptive parents share their adoption fundraising and saving plan ideas with others. Here's what's working for other adoptive families battling the cost of adoption.

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