1. Parenting

Birth / First Family Support Resources

Support and comfort for the birth/first family of the adoptee.

National Directory of Putative Father Registries
Listing of the putative father registries in the nation.

Preventing your infant child from being adopted without your consent
Legal information and how-to's for fathers to preserve their parental rights to be either a part of the adoption process or parent their own child.

The Ohio Putative Father Registry-The What?
Putative father registry - the fight to actually find it, fill out the forms, and the thought process of one man trying to do the right thing.

UT Parent
A great site with helpful articles and links.

Adoption Crossroads
"The largest search and support network in the world for Adoptees and Parents who lost children to adoption; a non-profit charitable organization with over 475 Adoption Search and Support Groups world-wide."

Universal Adoption Services
A series of blogs explaining the adoption process to expectant parents. Other links and resources offered to the right of the screen.

Adoption Parent Profiles
A way for Birthmothers and adoptive parents to connect. By placing your freee adoption parent profile on the ParentGallery.com Web site you are now able to be viewed by thousands of Birthmoms world wide.

From the site: "I designed ADOPTads after speaking with my clients and birthparents. This service is only a meeting place for pregnant women and adoptive parents. It is not an adoption attorney, adoption agency, or facilitator. Adoptive parents provide a non-refundable fee to use the service, and regardless of success."

Connected Hearts Adoption Triad Support ~ From their website: CHATS is a non-denomina­tional organization that seeks to involve and serve all members of the adoption triad (i.e. adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents) as well as others interested in and impacted by adoption.

Arizona Search and Support
A large Yahoo group for adoptees, parents and family searching for each other. Many other states are represented within the group beyond Arizona. A great group to learn searching techniques, ask questions, and gain answers. No paid searches. You must join to participate.

"Celebrating birthmoms for what they've given--and for who they are"~quote from founder Skye. An excellent site.

Birthmother .com
A great comprehensive site for birthmothers. Aid in making decisions, writings, and information on health.

The "Road to Recovery" is a guide to help with grief and loss. Specifically for those who have lost a loved one to death - but can be easily modified for the loss associated with adoption and foster care. Christian based.

The Gladney Center
Information and resources for expectant mothers.

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