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10 New Year's Resolutions for Prospective Foster or Adoptive Parents

Preparing to Foster or Adopt in the New Year


  1. I will explore the different types of adoption and foster care opportunities in my community. This will include foster care adoption as well as open adoption and international adoption.

  2. I will reflect on my current life situation to determine if this is the year to begin fostering or an adoption journey. I know that timing is important in making big life decisions, and this may not be the right time for fostering or adopting a child.

  3. I will have open talks with my immediate family, including my children to help them understand foster care and adoption. I know that it is important for all members of my family to be supportive of fostering or adopting.

  4. I will begin communication with my extended family and friends because I know that having their support will be very important to the success of my foster or adoptive home.

  5. I will make sure that my home and personal life are in order so that I may continue towards fostering or adopting a child. These things will include maintaining employment, securing a large enough home or apartment with adequate bedrooms and owning a reliable mode of transportation.

  6. I will check into the different resources available in my community including therapy, baby sitters, day care and after school programs because I know that having available, helpful resources will be a great support to my foster or adoptive home.

  7. I will reach out to those who are already fostering or who have adopted children. I will ask about their experiences in order to choose an adoption or foster care agency that I would be most comfortable with.

  8. I will learn about the challenges that go with parenting abused and neglected children, including grief and loss issues. By taking appropriate training or parenting classes, as well as asking experienced foster or adoptive parents, I will be better prepared to help children heal.

  9. I will check into the financial aspect of becoming a foster or adoptive parent. I will learn about the foster care subsidy provided in my state as well as if an adoption subsidy will be provided for children adopted from foster care. This information will help me determine if I can afford to care for another child.

  10. I will feel confident in my decision whether I choose to foster or adopt a child this year or not. I will not beat myself up with guilt as I know there are many ways to help children in custody or those abroad in orphanages without bringing them into my home. I will explore different options of providing service to children in need.

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