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Create a Turkey With Handprint Feathers



My Daughter's Hand Print Turkey.

Carrie Craft
Cute and fun turkey with handprint cutouts for tail feathers. A perfect Thanksgiving or Fall card/gift for birth family either in a foster or adopt situation.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 Minutes - Plus Time for the Glue to Dry

Here's How:

  1. Have your child place a shoe on brown construction paper. Trace around his or her shoe and cut out the shape.
  2. On three different colors of construction paper trace your child's hand and cut out. Consider fall colors for this part of the project - orange, green, yellow, red would look great as turkey feathers.
  3. Cut out a small orange triangle for a beak and rectangles for feet and legs. Have the child cut slits on the bottom short edge of the rectangles for the turkey's toes.
  4. Cut out small circles for eyes in your child's choice of color.
  5. Out of red construction paper cut out the turkey's wattle(You know that red thing that dangles off the beak.). Any blob-type shape will work. My daughter's turkey looks cute the way it is.
  6. Now glue the guy together. Have the child attach the handprints to the back of the brown shoe print (heel up) so that the fingers stick up like feathers.
  7. Glue on the eyes and add black pupils with a crayon.
  8. Glue the orange triangle on upside down for the beak. Glue on the wattle underneath and to one side of the beak.
  9. Glue on the orange rectangles as legs and feet with the clipped toes at the bottom.
  10. Find a spot to date the turkey and add the child's name and age.

What You Need

  • Brown construction paper
  • Orange construction paper
  • Two other colors of construction paper - green, yellow, or red would be good
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Glue

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