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Get Creative with Adoption Fundraising Efforts

You Can Afford an Adoption with These Fundraising Ideas


Here are a few adoption fundraising ideas I've found. What worked for you and your family? Please share your ideas and we can expand this list together to help other families grow.

  • Garage Sale - Hold an old fashioned garage sale. You know you've got stuff to get rid of and as you prepare a bedroom or nursery for your future new addition, you'll have things you want to dispose of anyway. Remember the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

  • Bake Sale - Have your garage sale do double duty, have a bake sale going at the same time. Set up an additional table and sell different bake goods. If your old stuff doesn't entice a few sales, perhaps your chocolate chipped cookies will?

  • eBay or Craigslist - Don't want people on your lawn? Don't have a lawn? Not a problem in today's world. Set-up an account on eBay or Craigslist and sell your items that way. My cousin used to make a lot of money every month selling childrens clothing.

  • Host a Community Spaghetti Dinner - Spaghetti dinners are easy to put together and relatively inexpensive. We do one every year to raise money for our youth to go to church camp. Consider asking for a donation with a suggested price per plate. Donations allow your guests to give more or less, in relation to their financial situation. We've always had great luck with people giving more. Sell desserts separately and/or auction off pies and cakes after the dinner for additional fundraising.

  • NAF Toolbar - Be eligible to earn money for your adoption when you download the National Adoption Foundation Toolbar after purchasing goods from supporting retailers. The NAF website states that a percentage of each purchase will be credited to your account and a donation will be made to the National Adoption Foundation. There are over 5,000 sponsored stores like Target, Bloomingdales, Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, Old Navy, Office Depot, Best Buy, Sunglass Hut, Pet Smart, Sephora, and Travelocity. Use the funds to pay for your adoption home study, travel expenses, agency fees, and more. Go to the NAF website and learn more about this creative way to fund your adoption. .

  • Scratch Cards - Adoptive parent and founder of A Mother's Love offers a variety of adoption fundraising ideas. One fundraising idea is scratch cards. Purchase scratch cards and ask people to scratch off one or more spaces to donate to your adoption fundraiser. The donations they will uncover will range from 50 cents to $3.00. Each card is worth $100.00 in donations. The cards cost $10.00 a piece, so each card's profit is $90.00. See A Mother's Love Web site for more details.

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