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Intercountry Adoption Costs



International adoption costs vary according to the specific laws of the foreign country from which you are adopting. Costs can vary according to many factors, including:

  • Whether the placement entities in the foreign country are government agencies, government subsidized orphanages, charitable foundations, attorneys, facilitators, or any combination of these.
  • Whether the foreign country requires translation and/or authentication of the dossier documents.
  • Whether the US agency requires a "donation" to the foreign orphanage or agency.
  • Whether the foreign country requires one or both adoptive parents to travel to the country for interviews and court hearings.
  • The number of trips required to the country and how long each trip lasts.
State Department Fees
  • Filing fee: I-600, I-600A $405
  • Filing fee: N-643 $125
  • Immigrant visa application fee $260
  • Immigrant visa issuance fee $60
Agency fees: Low - $10,000 High - $30,000

Because international adoption programs vary from country to country, we have listed a range for total costs that includes:

US agency or attorney fees (for estimates, see Domestic Adoption Costs)
  • USCIS/State Department visa application, processing and visa medical fees
  • Adoption Homestudy and parent preparation
  • Psychological evaluations (if required)
  • Physical examinations
  • Post-placement supervision (if required)
  • Translation and authentication of adoption dossier documents (if required)
  • Agency placement fee
Fees in the foreign country
  • Travel expenses (transportation, hotel, meals)
  • Foreign agency placement fee
  • Foreign attorney legal and placement fee
  • Foster and medical care for the child
  • Use of translation and escort services by US agency representative in the foreign country
  • Foreign court filing fee and document fees (birth certificate and adoption decree)
  • Required "donation" to orphanage or agency
  • Translation services and escort services
  • Passport office fees

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Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway

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