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Foster Care

Help to foster parents and those interested in beginning the journey toward providing foster care. Find fostering basics and foster parenting tips.
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  2. Allegations and Written Documentation (18)
  3. Foster Parenting
  4. Fostering By State
  5. Fostering Resources (72)
  6. How to Become a Foster Parent (16)
  7. Importance of Culture
  8. Lifebooks (7)
  9. Preparing for Placement (16)
  10. School and Your Foster Child (15)
  11. The Court System (5)
  12. Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect (9)
  13. Working with Birth Parents (20)
  14. Working with Social Workers (20)

Foster Care 101
The basics of foster care found on one easy to follow page.

What Are the Differences Between Foster Care and Adoption?
While the needs of the children may be the same, adoption and foster care and not the same thing.

Foster Care Basics
A quick sampling of some of the most basic questions concerning foster care and the foster care system.

What Are the Top Reasons Children Enter the Foster Care System?
There are a number of reasons that bring children into the foster care system.

Is it Time to Change Your Foster Care Agency or Adoption Agency?
Thoughts on when it may be time to change your foster care or adoption agency.

What Advice Would You Offer to Those Considering Foster Care
If you could share one bit of advice, something you wish you knew before you became a foster parent - what would it be?

Foster Kids in the Kitchen
Tips on how to best include foster kids in the kitchen and why it's a great idea.

Parenting Toddlers or Babies May Be for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...
The little ones are very cute, but where are a few things to consider before deciding to foster or adopt a toddler or baby.

How to Prepare a Child for Visits with Birth Family
A few thoughts on how to help your foster child be ready to birth family.

How to Explain a Move to a Child in Foster Care
Find a few tips and ideas on how to tell a child in foster care that they are moving to a new foster home.

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Foster Children
Ideas to help your family get ready for the busy Holiday season.

What Is a Heart Gallery?
The idea of a Heart Gallery has helped approximately 1000 foster children to find adoptive homes. Learn more about the Heart Gallery and how it came to be.

How to Make a Respite Foster Care Packet
Instructions on how to make a packet of information that you can send with foster children when they go on respite weekends.

A School-aged Child May Be Right for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...
Parenting a school-aged child has its pros and cons. Here are a list of things to consider before choosing to parent a school-aged foster or adopted child.

Learn How to Be a Great Foster Parent in 5 Weeks
Five weeks of lessons to help sharpen your foster parenting skills. Topics include working as a part of a professional team in case plans, helping family reunification, understanding the grieving foster child, discipline, culture, and lifebooks.

The Challenges of Foster Care
A list on how foster parenting can be challenging to aid others in making the decision on whether to be a foster parent or not.

Great Foster Parents Use a Variety of Child Discipline Techniques
Great foster parents know that being great means utilizing different child discipline techniques to manage challenging behaviors. Learn more about being a great foster parent and how to best help foster children with their behaviors through child discipline.

What Does It Mean to Foster a Child?
Being a foster parent means providing a foster child with new opportunities he may not have had the opportunity to experience without our care. To foster a child, means providing the love, encouragement and lots of nurturing.

What Does the Word 'Foster' Mean?
A definition of the word foster and how it relates to foster care.

Foster Parenting - What Does Foster Parenting Mean to You?
Foster parenting is a tough job, but so many of us continue to work with the children and families within the foster care system despite the challenges. What keeps you going as a foster parent? What does foster parenting mean to you? Share the good feelings that keep you going. Sometimes we all need to hear about the good stuff.

Foster Care System - How Would You Change the Foster Care System?
You don't have to be a foster parent to know that that there are always ways to improve upon the foster care system. It seems that no matter where we go in the world, the problems, concerns and short comings with the foster care system remain the same. So take this moment and share. No matter where you are in the world or how you play a part in the foster care system. If you could change it, w…

Great Foster Parents Know How to Help a Child Grieve
Great foster parents know that being great means understanding the grieving child. Learn more about being a great foster parent and how to best help foster children with their grief and loss.

Should You Take a Foster Child with You on Family Vacation?
Plan a needed break this summer with a family vacation, but should foster children go with you? Consider these points when deciding whether to include a foster child in your family vacation plans this summer.

Have you successfully include a foster child on your family vacation?
If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently. How did you successfully include a foster child on your family vacation?

The Pros of Including Foster Children in Your Family Vacation Plans
Family vacations can offer a lot of fun for you and your foster children, but many worry about including foster children in their family vacation plans. Check out this list of pros for taking your foster children with you and including them in your family vacation plans.

What Is a CASA?
CASA volunteers or court appointed special advocates are very special people. They are everyday citizens who volunteer their time to advocate for a child. CASA are appointed by the judge to speak for an abused or neglected child in court.

10 Surefire Ways to End a Friendship With a Fostering Friend
Does your friend do foster care and you'd like to learn how to support him/her? Well, here is a list of 10 suggestions of what not to say or do!

9 Ways to Help Children in Foster Care
So foster care isn't for you, or at least not right now. But you really want to help foster children and be a part of the solution? There are ways you can help! Actually, I came up with 9.

21 Foster Parenting Truths
An experienced foster parent shares a few truths that he has come to accept after being a foster parent for 17 years.

Should Race Be a Factor When Deciding a Foster Family for a Child?
With so many children waiting for foster families - should race be an additional factor when choosing a foster home?

Foster Children and Your Extended Family During the Holidays
Here are some things to consider when planning the holidays with your foster children.

National Foster Parent Association
The National Foster Parent Association or NFPA advocates for foster children and foster families. Learn more about this great organization.

Parenting Teenagers May Be Right for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...
Several fun reasons why parenting teenagers may be the right choice for your family.

10 Things to do When Your Foster Children Don’t Get Along
What do you do when your foster care children don't get along? How can you establish peace within your foster home? Here are 10 ideas to help when doing foster care.

11 Ways to Keep a Foster Family
11 easy ways for your foster care agency to maintain foster families. Find concerns that are shared by many families.

The Cottage - Life in a Group Home
A woman shares some experiences from when she lived in a group home for teens.

Top 9 Adoption & Foster Care Gifts
What would make a great gift for someone who is an adoptive or foster parent? How about a birth parent? Try some of these ideas!

Foster Care Map
Foster care map of the United States. Find more information by clicking on your state.

Ten Ways to Destroy a Marriage with Foster Care
A top ten list of choices that foster parents can make that may hurt their marriage.

Teaching Foster/Adoptive Children How to Respond to Common Questions
Teaching your foster/adoptive child to respond to other kids' questions about being adopted or being in foster care. Teaching them how to keep things private and how not to tell too much information.

Activities for Kids in Foster Care
Ideas to help keep your kids busy during breaks from school. Saving your sanity and giving them something to do.

12 Prayer Requests for Children in Foster Care
The following article is a list of needs to keep in our prayers when we consider foster children, their families, and the foster families and workers that serve them.

Can Foster Care Hurt a Marriage?
A great article written by Sheri & Bob Stritof, Marriage Guides for About.com.

I Knew I Was Raising Teenagers as a Foster or Adoptive Parent When...
The thought of raising teenagers is scary for most parents, but if you're going to have children, then it's logical to assume that one day they will become teens. But there are crazy, awesome, loving, brave souls out there that go and choose to raise teenagers - on purpose! These valiant parents choose to skip the cute baby and toddler stage and...

What is a Foster Care Subsidy?
What are foster care subsidies? What does the money go for and where does it come from?

I Became a Foster Parent - Did I Make a Mistake?
While you may be feeling a bunch of different emotions, you are not alone in that thinking and it doesn't matter how long ago you became a foster parent.

I Wish Foster Parents Knew...
Whether you are a foster parent, a foster child, a birth parent, or perhaps a social worker - what do you wish you could tell other foster parents? How would you finish this sentence, "I Wish Foster Parents Knew..."

Submit Your Foster Parenting Tips
Take a moment and share your best foster parenting tips. Do you have ideas on how to best work with social workers or birthparents? How about a quick tip on dealing with a foster child's behavior? Please share any and all ideas with other foster parents.

A Checklist of Summer Rules for Foster Families
Do you have a plan for implementing these summer rules in your foster home? Take a moment and check on the basic summer rules for your foster care agency.

Fostering and Adopting Hurricane Katrina Orphans
Information on helping the youngest victims of our nations worst disaster. Learn how to obtain a foster care license in your home state to help Hurricane Katrina Children.

How to Manage When Foster Children Ask Difficult Questions
Visitation brings up interesting and difficult questions. Here are some ways to handle it all.

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