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What to Share in a Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meetings and Foster Care Confidentiality


During a parent teacher meeting, a lot of information can be shared, especially if a foster child is new to the school. Sometimes it's difficult as a foster parent to know what information is okay to share and if it's okay to share it with a teacher during a parent teacher meeting.

Here are a few guidelines to consider before sharing too much at your next parent teacher meeting.

  • Let the school know that that the child is in a foster home and remember to include the foster child's worker's information on the pupil information form during enrollment. It would also beneficial to take this time to mention that the child is under stress and will need time to adjust.
  • Remember confidentiality, this means only share what is needed for the care of the foster child. Medical information, safety concerns and learning disabilities are some examples of things that a teacher would need to know. Gossip about the birth family is not necessary information.
  • If school staff ask questions that seem nosy and not necessary be prepared with a quick response such as, 'I am not sure' or 'we are not allowed to discuss.'
  • Do not discuss anything around other children or parents. Children can be cruel and curious about a child in foster care. Your foster child could be faced with teasing or lots of questions causing unnecessary stress.

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