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Learn How to Be a Great Foster Parent in 5 Weeks


Most people become foster parents because they truly care about the children within the foster care system and most people want to be the best foster parents they can possibly be. I hope to lead you through the following lessons on the issues I believe are the most important in order to be a great foster parent. This free parenting class is set up for you to go through the lessons each week for five weeks.

You can start at week one and follow through below with the week by week links, or sign up for 5 weekly email lessons.

Week 1: Great Foster Parents Work as a Part of a Professional Team

What You'll Learn This Week:
  1. What the foster care team is and what roles great foster parents play within the team.
  2. How to maintain professionalism within the team.
  3. How your documentation helps the team with decisions.

Week 2: Great Foster Parents Work with Birth Family to Aid Reunification

What You'll Learn This Week:
  1. What reunification and permanency means.
  2. Ideas for mentoring birth families.
  3. How to help with the transitioning of a child with the reunification process or into an adoptive placement.

Week 3: Great Foster Parents Understand the Grieving Foster Child

What You'll Learn This Week:
  1. What are the stages of grief?
  2. Why it's important to understand grief as a foster parent and how a child's grief may trigger developmental grieving of foster parents.
  3. Tips for helping a child through the grieving process.

Week 4: Great Foster Parents Use a Variety of Child Discipline Techniques

What You'll Learn This Week:
  1. The difference between child discipline and punishment.
  2. How parenting a foster child can be different and challenging when compared to children who have not suffered abuse and neglect.
  3. Tips for handling challenging foster child behaviors and issues.

Week 5: Great Foster Parents Understand the Importance of Culture and Lifebooks

What You'll Learn This Week:
  1. Why lifebooks are important to the healing process.
  2. What's important to include in a lifebook.
  3. Ideas on keeping a child's culture alive.
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