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What Is a Heart Gallery?


Question: What Is a Heart Gallery?

A Heart Gallery is a gallery of photographs of children in the foster care system waiting for adoptive homes. The Heart Gallery usually focuses on hard to place children, such as large sibling groups and older children.


History of the Heart Gallery

Most agencies have to resort to using photos that already exist of foster children or take picture themselves during home visits. These photos usually lack charm and inspiration. The idea of a gallery of beautiful professional photographs of waiting children started in 2001, in New Mexico when Diane Granito, a foster/adoptive parent recruiter for the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department teamed up with Cathy Maier Callanan, adoptive mom and photographer.

The first Heart Gallery was hosted at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe with Randy Travis entertaining the more than 1,200 people who attended the launch. That night alone led to six children finding adoptive families. That night was so successful, other states started following the example with their own Heart Galleries.

The Heart Gallery Today

Most states have at least one Heart Gallery and have found success in the venture. More than 1,000 children have found homes, children who have waited for years for adoptive homes.

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