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The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA)


Who They Are:

The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) is a non-profit organization and the only national organization for foster families. The NFPA speaks out for the family as well as for the foster child that the family serves. NFPA offers a comprehensive Web site, training, conferences, and scholarships to assist foster families in the day-to-day business of raising abused and neglected children.


Membership is open to anyone interested in bettering the care of America's foster children and the system that strives to serve them. NFPA's goal is to bring together all of the many different individuals and agencies to form a working relationship.

Yearly Membership Dues - $35.00 (Tax Deductible)
Application Form - Return by Mail.

Helping Foster Families and Foster Children After Hurricane Katrina:

If you are wishing to help foster children and their families who were victims of Hurricane Katrina, than please consider assisting the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA). Karen Jorgenson, NFPA Executive Director, stated, "Foster families have opened their homes to vulnerable children and now many of them in the Gulf Region don't have their homes anymore." NFPA began their fund raising effort to benefit the almost 4,000 foster children who were affected by Katrina. NFPA also wants to reach out to the children who have been adopted by their foster families because the clothing allowances that are given out by state foster agencies will not go to the children who have already been adopted.

Many donations in the form of supplies are needed and a listing of the items can be found at the National Foster Parent Association's Web site. According to the NFPA Executive Director, many of the families have relocated to Georgia for the time being and supply donations are being collected there and can be sent to:
Sharon Carlson
600 Big Bear Road,
Bogart, GA, 30622.

NFPA is also collecting monetary donations which will be used as cash grants and gift cards for affected foster families. Donations can be made online at www.NFPAinc.org or mailed to:
7512 Stanich Avenue #6,
Gig Harbor, WA, 98335.
Make checks and money orders out to "NFPA Disaster Relief."

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