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Are you a foster parent? If so, now you can share your foster parenting tips with other foster parents. Submit your own stories and parenting tips and have it posted for new foster parents or even experienced foster parents to read. It's simple, just fill out the forms and click preview to see how your parenting tips look, then click the submit button.

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My Interest in Becoming an Adoptive Parent Began When...

Submit your response to this question and share how you became interested in becoming a foster parent.
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What Advice Would You Offer to Those Considering Foster Care

What do you wish you knew before you became a foster parent? Take some time and share a few of the experiences you've had serving children in foster care.
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What Does Foster Parenting Mean to You?

Foster parenting is a tough job, but so many of us continue to work with the children and families within the foster care system despite the challenges. What keeps you going as a foster parent? What does foster parenting mean to you?
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How Did You Prepare for Parenting Before Your Foster Child Arrived?

Once you made the decision to become a foster parent, how did you prepare to parent your new child? A very big question to consider even if you have parenting experience.
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What Parenting Skills Have You Found Helpful as a Foster Parent?

Once your child has entered your home, the parenting begins. So, what parenting skills are in your bag of tricks? What classes have you taken or books you've read that has really opened your eyes to your child's needs?
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Foster Parenting Tips for Mentoring Birth Parents

A big part of being a foster parent is helping the foster child be reunified with birth family, which often means mentoring birth parents. Take a moment and share your parenting tips for mentoring birth parents while at parent teacher conferences, medical appointments and visits. I want to know what has worked or not worked.
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How Did You Successfully Include a Foster Child on Your Family Vacation?

We've always had mixed results when we included our foster children in our family vacation plans. So, for those who have combined foster children and family vacations and lived to tell the tale - please tell! If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently. How did you successfully include a foster child on your family vacation?
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How Have You Created a Connection with Your Foster Child?

Creating a connection with your child is part of parenting. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen naturally and we may need some ideas from other foster parents.
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How Do You Make Your Foster Child's Birth Culture a Part of Everyday Life?

Sometimes it's the little things like observing a holiday. Whatever it is, share with our community how you helped a foster child keep their birth culture a part of everyday life.
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Favorite Lifebook Tips

One way to help a foster child maintain their culture and history is through a lifebook. Share ideas of what you include in your child's lifebook.
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Top Hurtful or Rude Questions and Comments About Your Foster Children

Last but not least, how about those rude questions and comments people make? What tops your list of rude questions? What have your heard. Share the rudeness, it'll make you feel better.
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If I Could Change the Foster Care System I Would...

You don't have to be a foster parent to know that that there are always ways to improve upon the foster care system. It seems that no matter where we go in the world, the problems, concerns and short comings with the foster care system remain the same. So take this moment and share. No matter where you are in the world or how you play a part in the foster care system. If you could change it, what would you do?
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