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Learn How to Be a Strong Foster Family in Four Weeks


Providing foster care is not just about the birth families, social workers, and the foster children. Yes, all of these people will be involved in your foster parenting experience, but when you become a foster parent, you are creating a family for a child who has not experienced a healthy family. While supporting your foster child and bringing healthy family experiences to your foster child, don't ignore the needs of you and your family. If your family is stressed out and overwhelmed with providing foster care, you can not bring your best family experience to your child or other children. It's important to keep your family strong.

This free parenting class is set up for you to go through the lessons each week for four weeks. You can start at week one and follow through below with the week by week links, or sign up for 4 weekly email lessons.

Week 1: Strong Foster Families Work to Keep Relationships Strong

It's not unusual for foster families to get lost in the task of helping foster children and their birth families heal and reunify. It's important work. However, the work involved with keeping your core family healthy and strong is just as important. This lesson is about doing just that – strengthening the core of your family.
  1. How to maintain a strong marriage or partnership while providing foster care.
  2. The importance of spending time with your children.
  3. The need to continue positive and supportive friendships.

Week 2: Strong Foster Families Know How to Balance Foster Care and Life

Foster care can easily and quickly take over your life with the numerous appointments and responsibilities associated with fostering. It is well known that balance in life is important. It's just as important when it comes to foster care.
  1. The importance of putting boundaries around key things in your life.
  2. Identifying the important things for you and your family.
  3. How to establish workable boundaries as a foster family.

Week 3: Strong Foster Families Are Wise in the Business of Foster Care

Foster care may be about families and children, but there is a definite business aspect to fostering. That business aspect brings with it the need to be smart about the details and professional aspects of providing foster care, for the benefit and protections of your family.
  1. Why you need to be selective in foster placements.
  2. The need to partner well with members of the team, even when it's concerning your family.
  3. The importance of knowing how to document.

Week 4: Strong Foster Families Know When to Stop

There will come a time when a foster family may need to say, "No." Whether it's "no" for a while, "no" to a placement, or " no" for forever, a strong foster family knows when to say when.
  1. The difference between a pause, a break, and closure.
  2. What is compassion fatigue.
  3. Assessing and making the best decision for your family.

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