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What Is CORE Training for Resource Families?


Question: What Is CORE Training for Resource Families?

The CORE Training is the required foster and adoptive parent training for the state of Alaska and is offered exclusively by the Alaska Center for Resource Families (ACRF).

Those interested in providing foster care or in adopting a child from foster care in Alaska must take the CORE Training. Those that are relative caretakers or guardians are also required to take the CORE Training classes.


Before taking the CORE Training for Resource Families, an orientation class must be completed first. Each orientation session lasts about an hour and a half. The orientation is a quick overview of the child welfare system in Alaska and the process of becoming a licensed foster home or completing an adoption from foster care. If you are unable to attend an on-site orientation, it is possible to complete a monthly telephone orientation, a web-based orientation, or a self-study orientation course.

The CORE Training is made up of six sections. Each section lasts three hours and is presented weekly to a group of interested foster and adoptive parents. Once the six weeks are completed the families will have had eighteen hours of training, not including the time it took to complete orientation.

The six lessons include:
  1. The role of the resource family and Office of Children’s Services.

  2. How child abuse and neglect impacts a child.

  3. How separation, grief, and loss impact a child as well as understanding attachment and the importance of connections for a child.

  4. How to manage behaviors with appropriate and positive discipline.

  5. Understanding the importance of culture and birth family connections for a child.

  6. Understanding the reunification process and the need for a child to make a smooth transition into a permanent home.

  7. An optional seventh week is available for families interested in learning about adopting a child from foster care.

Once families have completed the CORE Training, licensed foster parents are then considered up to date on their training hours for that year.

If a family is unable to attend an on-site training, CORE Training is also available in workbook form as a self-study course. The self-study workbook counts as sixteen hours of training. If a family is interested in adoption or providing guardianship, it is recommended that they then complete the Adoption and Guardianship Preparation Training for Alaska’s Resource Families. The adoption focused workbook is worth six hours of additional training.

CORE Training is a part of the process to become a licensed foster parent in Alaska and the CORE Training program is only offered in Alaska.

Once licensed as a new foster parent in Alaska, each licensed foster home must complete yearly training hours to remain licensed.

Two parent foster homes must complete fifteen hours of training, with one parent having completed at least five hours of training.

Single parent foster homes must complete ten hours of training. Again, CORE Training counts for training hours the first year after completing training.

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