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Legal Issues for the Gay and Lesbian Family


Is Gay Adoption Legal:

Of course the first step is to know where a gay adoption is legal. Once that is learned it's important to know what options the gay family has in terms of adoption. Know that each State within the United States and country, if thinking about International adoption, have their own ideas in terms of gay or lesbian adoption.

Finding an Appropriate Advocate and Adoption Agency :

It's always better when those representing you and your family are sensitive to your family's needs.

The Options Available to the Gay or Lesbian Family :

Learn more about the different adoption options available to the gay family within states and countries that allow gay adoption. Many gay families utilize second parent adoption in order to allow their child to have two legal guardians.

Both Sides of Gay Adoption :

There are two sides to ever issue, and it's usually pro versus con. The Lesbian Life Guide for About.com tackles the difficult topic.

Eliminating Barriers to the Gay Family:

Few people would realize the impact eliminating gay adoption would have on the United States. Many agencies are working to find ways to eliminate the barriers to the gay and lesbian family.

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