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Let's Talk About It: Adoption

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This book promotes the sharing of feelings and explains how families are created through birth or adoption. Perfect for any adoptive family, whether they have adopted infants, internationally, or young children. Picturing same and mixed race families in a variety of settings, the photographs depict the emotions shared within a family. The question of why children are placed for adoption is answered with "...and those reasons all have to do with grown-ups, not with anything a child did."


Photographs by Jim Judkis are taken in the homes of actual adoptive families. This may help children to better relate to the situations and emotions depicted in the photographs. It's helpful when we can see that there are people who have been through and have shared the same experiences.

About the Author

Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, a PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) television series for children, has written several books through the "Let's Talk About It" series. Born in 1928, Fred Rogers has done much for young people and lived a life committed to the importance of kindness and learning. He won the highest honor a United States civilian can receive, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, a year before his death from stomach cancer in 2003.

Final Thoughts and More Information

"Let's Talk About It: Adoption" is a wonderful book for adoptive families. Teaching the importance of communication and understanding, Fred Rogers again reaches and teaches children with his compassionate heart.

"Let's Talk About It: Adoption" is recommended for children ages 4-8.

(Published by The Putnam & Grosset Group, 1998
ISBN 0-698-11625-9

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