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Megan's Birthday Tree

A Story About Open Adoption

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Kendra, Megan's birth mom, planted a tree in her back yard after Megan was born. Each year Kendra decorates the tree and sends a picture of it to Megan. When Megan receives a letter from Kendra announcing her future wedding and plans to move, Megan worries that her birth mom will forget her. Megan believes that the tree is what holds them together, she quickly learns that their bond goes much deeper. This is a sweet story that shows how an open adoption can help a child with his/her identity.


The illustrations, by Bill Farnsworth, in "Megan's Birthday Tree" are simply beautiful. Each painting perfectly fits the mood of the text. Expressions are captured in the artwork and will help children understand Megan's many complex emotions.

Bill Farnsworth has been creating for several different media including children's books for twenty years. He resides in Venice, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

About the Author

Laurie Lears is a kindergarten teacher with two grown daughters and a granddaughter. She has authored several picture books as well as "Becky the Brave" and "Ian's Walk". She resides in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Final Thoughts and More Information

"Megan's Birthday Tree - A Story About Open Adoption" is not your typical adoption story. This beautifully illustrated and written book is a testimony of what an open adoption can mean to a child. Megan is clearly bonded to her adoptive family and goes to them for reassurance and support, yet is grounded by a child's simple understanding of her history.

I definitely recommend "Megan's Birthday Tree - A Story About Open Adoption". "Megan's Birthday Tree - A Story About Open Adoption" is a great book for adoptive families in an open adoption or ones that are pursuing an open adoption. I believe that "Megan's Birthday Tree - A Story About Open Adoption" offers a lesson of the importance of open adoption, a lesson not only for the children, but for the adults involved.

"Megan's Birthday Tree - A Story About Open Adoption" is recommended for ages 5-8.

(Published by Albert Whitman & Company, 2005
ISBN 0-8075-5036-1

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