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Adoption Book Review: You're Not My REAL Mother!

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You're Not My REAL Mother 4

You're Not My REAL Mother!

Molly Friedrich
A little girl looks at herself in the mirror one day and notices that she does not look like her mother. The adoptive mom thinking quickly, lovingly begins to run down all of the things she does as a mom that, in fact, makes her a "REAL" mom. A situation that many if not most interracial families face at one time or another is handled well in this children's adoption book.


Soft water color illustrations accompany the gentle nature of the story. The painting of the child's birthmother touched my heart. Illustrator Christy Hale captures the story by beautifully illustrating the day-to-day business of being a "real" mom.

About the Author

Molly Friedrich has four children, two are internationally adopted. You're Not My REAL Mother! is based on an actual event that occurred in her life as an adoptive mother. Between the covers of You're Not My REAL Mother! is the conversation Friedrich had with her daughter, P-Quy, when P-Quy announced that Friedrich wasn't her mother.

Molly Friedrich is a literary agent who lives in New York with her family. This is her first book.

More Information

You're Not My REAL Mother! explains in simple terms why the adopted child does not look like her adoptive mother. The child's birthmother is pictured in the book and explains the difference between an adoptive mother and a birthmother. You're Not My REAL Mother! would make a great gift for new adoptive parents.

You're Not My REAL Mother! is recommended for children 0-6.

(Published by the Little, Brown and Company, 2004
ISBN 0-316-60553-0)

From a Young Reader - Jordan age 7

"This book helps you think about all the wonderful things a mother does."

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