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Book Review: My Foster Care Journey

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The Bottom Line

Lifebooks are very important for a foster child's grieving process. Through a lifebook a child can feel more complete and have a deeper understanding of why their life's journey has taken a rough turn. I always recommend O'Malley's books to new foster parents.
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  • Fun and easy to read.
  • Extra plastic cover to protect the lifebook.
  • Reality - no sugar coating of why the child is in care.
  • Fill in the blank style.
  • Easy to personalize with pages that can be removed if not applicable.


  • Spiral bound - could rip if the child uses the book a lot.


  • Different types of pages for the child to complete about him/herself.
  • Pages for adults in the child's life to complete including space for social workers on the case.
  • Space for up to 5 different placements.
  • Easy to personalize with pages to remove if the child goes to adopton or back home to birth family.

Guide Review - Book Review: My Foster Care Journey

I love Beth O'Malley's work. She is very dedicated to the children in care. Not only is she an adoptive mother, but an adoptee. O'Malley understands a child's need to have his/her full life story. My Foster Care Journey is a very easy way for a foster child or foster parent to complete a first lifebook.

My Foster Care Journey offers a wide variety of pages for the foster child to explore, including ideas to help the child and foster parent find the missing information. It also offers reality and truth with easy to read and understand explanations of why children are in care. This book offers a check list for the child to check off the reasons why he/she is in care and a space for the social worker, therapist, or foster parent to agree or disagree with the child's answers. This is all great stuff to help the child open up lines of communication with trusted adults and to begin the healing process.

More Information

My Foster Care Journey is recommended for children up to age 8.

(Published by Adoption-Works, Winthrop, Massachusetts, 2006
ISBN 0970183267)

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