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How to Find Someone

Even if Separated by Adoption or Foster Care You Can Still Find Someone


I have compiled a list of resources to help you find someone through Internet searches. Finding your someone on the Internet is only half of the adoption search process, preparation for the adoption reunion is the other half. Remember, before embarking on an adoption search:

  • check your expectations regarding contact
  • prepare for all reactions, including rejection
  • prepare emotionally for whatever you may find.

Find Someone on the Web

Find someone with a Google Search.
Our About.com Guide to Web Search explains how to find someone on the Internet utilizing 10 different tools from Google to blogs.

Find Someone with 15 People Search Engines

Find Someone with Facebook
Did you realize that there were so many people search engines? Again, our Web Search Guide knows how to find someone with this helpful list.

Find Someone with These Top Ten Free Public Records Search Picks

Find someone with records search.
Almost everything can be found on the Web, including public records. Another step closer to finding your missing someone.

Find Someone with United States Vital Records

Find someone searching death certificates.
Photo © Carrie Craft
Our Genealogy Guide provides the following list of vital records: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and divorce certificates. If you have a name, perhaps you can find someone through this list of vital records.

Find Someone with These Online Strategies

Usually she is helping people locate their deceased relatives, here is a list of strategies for finding the living. More ideas on how to find someone from the Genealogy Guide.

Find Someone with Volunteer Help

Find Someone with volunteer help.
Photo © Carrie Craft
I have close to 75 volunteers ready and willing to help you find family members separated by adoption or foster care. After sharing a bit of information regarding the adoption, and following a few simple rules, the About.com Adoption Search Angels are ready to help find your someone.

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