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What Is the Child Citizenship Act of 2000?


Question: What Is the Child Citizenship Act of 2000?
The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 automatically gives children that were foreign-born, biological and adopted, American citizenship upon entering the United States as lawful permanent residents.

Requirements of Child Citizenship Act of 2000

  • The child must have one parent that was born a United State's citizen or has been naturalized.
  • The child must be under the age of eighteen.
  • The child must live with the parent and be in the parent's legal custody.
  • The child must be admitted to the United States as an immigrant for lawful permanent residency.
  • If the child has been adopted, the adoption must be full and final.

The Child Citizenship Act became effective on February 27, 2001. Children under the age of eighteen who met all of the other above requirements, became American citizens on that date through this act. Those over the age of eighteen did not become American citizens through this act on that date.

A child adopted internationally and enters the country on a IR4 visa will become an American citizen after the adoption is full and final in the United States.

Child Citizenship Act of 2000 - U.S. Department of State

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