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Adopting a Child from Haiti


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A New Family!
Adoptive couple sit with their adopted Haitian children as the children become American citizens.

After finalizing your child's adoption in Haiti, check with your adoption agency about whether or not you will need to adopt your child again once in the United States.

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Congratulations you are a new family!

If your child entered the country on a IR-3 visa, the child became a U.S. citizen upon entering the United States.

You may have to re-adopt your child here in the states as a precautionary measure since a U.S. court does not have to accept the adoption of a foreign court. In some instances a re-adoption is required. Ask your adoption agency for more information.

Haiti does not require adoptive parents to file any post adoption reports.

The adoption journey seems long and tiring, but the rewards are endless once the child is a part of your forever family. Know that the stress and journey does not end there and we all need extra love and support along the way. There will be many adjustments once you all are home safe.

Continue to seek a support system as there will most likely be many adjustments and growing pains.

  • support groups
  • other adoptive parents
  • church family
  • community resources
  • family and friends
Good luck with your new family!

United States Department of State - Office of Children's Issues Intercountry Adoption

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