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Legal information, the court and adoption process, legal terms used in adoption law, and legislation. Find adoption court cases that brought about the current and ever changing adoption community.
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What Does the Term “Best Interests of the Child” Mean?
We have heard the term, "best interests of the child," numerous times, especially in custody cases that have taken the media by storm. For example, any child that Madonna has tried to adopt in recent years. But, what does the term "best interests of the child" really mean and who determines what a child's best interest is?

Landmark Cases in Adoption
Eleven different court cases that have changed adoption law over the years. The following are the most persuasive adoption law cases that have affected courts across the nation.

What Are Safe Haven Laws?
Safe haven laws typically allow for a parent or guardian to relinquish parental rights anonymously without risking prosecution for abandonment or neglect. However, each state's laws read differently when it comes to safe haven laws.

What Is the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006?
The purpose and goals for P.L. 109-248.

What Is Meant by the Term Parental Rights?
A general understanding of what is covered by the term parental rights.

What Is The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act?
Information and goals of The Adoption and Child Welfare Act of 1980. Public Law 96-272 brought about major changes to help children and families remain strong and intact.

What Is a Safe Haven?
There is a lot of talk about safe havens. What exactly is a safe haven provider? Who are safe havens supposed to protect?

Preventing Your Infant Child from Being Adopted Without Your Consent
Legal information and how-to's for fathers to preserve their parental rights to be either a part of the adoption process or parent their own child.

Putative Father Registries Analyzed Through Different Court Cases & Adoption Law
Important court cases that have influenced adoption law and putative father registry. Read up on these cases that have been analyzed by Erik L. Smith.

Can an Adult From a Foreign Country be Adopted into the United States?
A quick FAQ.

When Is A Father's Consent to Adoption Unnecessary?
Deep explanation of putative father rights within Ohio law.

Where Did Safe Haven Laws Begin and Why?
There is a lot of news coverage whenever an infant is tragically abandoned in a dumpster or restroom. Safe havens began from these tragedies. Safe havens seem to answer the need for many mothers in crisis to safely abandon their infants without prosecution.

CASE REPORT: Natural Mother's Ability to Sue for Damages After Adoption
Interesting article about adoption law. Can a natural mother sue for damages after a forced adoption? More in this short essay on adoption law.

The Florida Adoption Act - A Masterpiece of Absurdity
An essay on the confusing law around the Florida Adoption Act and the putative father registry.

The Myth of the Right to Privacy as Justification for Safe Haven Laws
Many try to justify safe haven laws by stating that mother's have a right to privacy. From the legal stand point, this argument does not hold water.

US Children Adopted by Overseas Non-Citizen Parents
Can a US child be adopted by a non-citizen?

What Is Consent to Adoption?
What is an adoption consent? Who can give consent?

Can Minors Give Consent?
At what age do minors give consent for their adoptions? Is there ever a reason for the minors to not have consent?

Can Consent to Adoption be Revoked?
Can a consent to adoption be revoked? What are the laws surrounding an adoption consent?

When Can Consent to Adopt be Executed?
When can a consent to adopt be executed? Learn more about consent to adoption.

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Ohio Family Law
Site with several topics of family law covered.

Steven I. Sklar Law Office
Adoption Attorneys in New York and New Jersey.

Adoption Records
What is meant by the term adoption records. Learn more about what is included in an adoptee's adoption records.

Original Birth Certificate
What is an original birth certificate?

Amended Birth Certificate
What is the difference between an amended birth certificate and an original birth certificate?

What Is the Adoption and Safe Families Act?
Information and goals of The Adoption and Safe Families Act(ASFA). PL 105-89, strengthened and enhanced the goals of the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980.

What Is the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)?
An organization that works to make positive changes in adoption legislation.

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