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Parenting Birth to Age 3

Articles and links to help with parenting the newly adopted little one. Issues covered include breastfeeding and bonding as well as a host of other newborn and parenting toddler needs.

Before You Buy a Baby Car Seat
Baby Products Guide, Heather Corley, provides a quick lesson on car seats. A must read for all new parents.

Parenting Toddlers or Babies May Be for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...
The little ones are very cute, but where are a few things to consider before deciding to foster or adopt a toddler or baby.

Helping Your Child Talk About Adoption
Ideas on helping young children feel comfortable with the topic of adoption.

Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Baby?
Learn more about the surprising option of adoptive breastfeeding for adoptive mothers.

The Pros of Adoptive Breastfeeding
Many are shocked by the thought of an adoptive mother breastfeeding, mostly because they didn't know adoptive breastfeeding was possible. What are the pros to adoptive breastfeeding?

The Cons to Breastfeeding and Adoption
Adoptive breastfeeding seems to be a hot issue within the adoption community. There are pros and cons to each side of a discussion, here are the cons to adoptive breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Tips to Help the New Adoptive Mother
A handy listing of helpful adoptive breastfeeding tips.

Parenting with The Five Love Languages Includes Acts of Service
How to parent a child who feels love through acts of service.

How and Why I Decided that Adoptive Breastfeeding Was Right for Me an…
It may be a surprise to most adoptive families that just assume breastfeeding is not an option, but it is an option. Please read on as adoptive mothers share their decision making process on adoptive breastfeeding and share tips and advice on the process. Did you try adoptive breastfeeding? See submissions See submissions

Breastfeeding Information for Adoptive Mothers Hoping to Nurse
Find information on induced lactation, breastfeeding tips, the benefits of adoptive breastfeeding as well as the cons of breastfeeding an adopted child.

10 Different Ways to Show Words of Affirmation Love Language
Words of affirmation are an important love language at any age.

Physical Touch Is One of the 5 Love Languages
Learn how to appropriately show love with physical touch.

Bare Necessities: Basic Baby Needs
Heather Corley, our Baby Products Guide, tells us what we need when we bring home a new baby. This baby needs checklist will help you choose the basic baby items, often called a layette.

New Baby Daily Logs
What a great tool for adoptive or foster parents! Keep track of your adoptive or foster baby's feeding and diaper changes. Great to feel reassured that the infant is eating enough and a wonderful teaching tool to be used between foster and birth parents. Not to mention as a log for a foster family's files.

Parenting with the Love Language - Receiving Gifts
Gift giving is the easiest love language to learn. Does your foster or adopted child prefer to feel love through gifts?

Build on the Love Language Quality Time with These 10 Ideas
Many foster and adopted children would love more quality time.

Baby Food Stages and Steps
"This can be a confusing topic. The problem is that each company that makes baby food uses a different label for each 'stage' of food." About Guide to Pediatrics, Vincent Iannelli, MD, helps make sense of baby food.

Great Toddler Potty Training Products
Heather Corley, our Baby Products Guide, shares a few of her favorite toddler potty training products to get you started on the journey to being diaper-free.

Before You Buy a Car Seat
If you're new to parenting you're probably new to car seats. Heather Corley, our Guide to Baby Products, has many helpful tips about car seats and car seat safety.

How To Buy and Store Powdered Baby Formula
Heather Corley, our Guide to Baby Products, teaches us how to buy and store powdered baby formula a few quick steps.

What Is Induced Lactation?
Information for adoptive mothers on induced lactation.

Adoptive Breastfeeding - Readers Share Their Opinion on Adoptive Brea…
It may be a surprise to most adoptive families that just assume breastfeeding is not an option, but it is an option. Please read on as readers share their thoughts on breastfeeding adoptive mothers. Many believe that it's just wrong.

Toddler Toys and Activities to Help Foster Parent Toddlers an…
Keep these toys on hand when fostering young children.

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers: Things to Consider for Foster Parents
They may be cute, but are you sure you're ready to accept more than one baby or toddler foster placement at a time?

What Is Bonding?
Definition for the often used term.

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