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Top 7 Adoptee Adoption Blogs

Adoptees Share Feelings About Adoption Through Their Adoption Blog


Some adoptees seem to have a deeper understanding of adoption than the rest of us. By reading blogs written by adoptees we can learn how adoption impacts a life - for the good and for the bad.

There is no way I would want to try to determine which adoption blog was better than the other, so take a peek into the world of adoptees through their adoption blog, listed below in alphabetical order.

List updated January 2010.

Harlow's Monkey

This blogger was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted to the United States at the age of 3. From the blogger: "This blog was born in March of 2006 as a way to put down my thoughts about international and transracial adoption from a point of view that is often missing - the adoptee themselves. As a social worker in the field of adoptions, and having spent a lot of time volunteering or working with adoptees, and having the benefit of a social work education, I wanted to connect-the-gaps in what I saw as an adoptive parent and adoption professional dominant discourse around adoption."

Heart, Mind and Seoul

From the blogger: "I was born in Seoul, South Korea, adopted at the age of 6 months and raised in the Midwest. My husband and I are parents to a daughter by birth and a son, born in South Korea, who is adopted. Reflections, observations and musings of an adult Korean adoptee and adoptive parent."

Hello Korea!

From the blogger: "...relocated to her native country to measure what she lost, what she gained, and to explore the profound impact adoption has had not only on her, but all other intercountry transracial adoptees and the Korean nation."

It's All W(Rite) Here

From the blogger: "I am an adoptee freshly reunited with my natural family in the Summer of 2009. Although my reunion was far from anything that I had hoped, I feel a bit more complete, whole. I still am searching for my place and identity that I feel might be lost forever."

Out of the Fog

Cricket is an adult adoptee in an adoption reunion. From the blogger: "an adult adoptee making her way through the craziness of reunion. I'm passionate about adoptees' rights and am not afraid to share my opinions."

Shadow Between Two Worlds

Mei-Ling is a transracial adoptee born in Taiwan, raised in Canada. She created this blog for adoptive/preadoptive parents, but don't expect hearts, flowers, and rainbows. From the blogger: "Many people may have the impression that since this blog is geared towards adoptive parents that it will be an easy read. Do not let that idea fool you; this blog does have very raw, very blunt content at times. It is focused on adoptive parents, but the core of it is still quite blunt. It discusses adoption in general, adoption myths, positions of political power (mainly from the adoptive parent side), questions that young adoptees will probably have, and what it’s like to be an adult adoptee." She also lists some rules of conduct regarding her blog.

The Daily Bastardette

A very interesting and fun blog to read as Bastardette knows how to wield a keyboard. From Bastardette: "Commentary by Bastardette on identity and adoptee rights, and the atrocities the adoption industry and "friendly" deformers concoct to maintain The Adoption Culture of Shame and Acquiesce. It is an independent blog and not connected to any organization."
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