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Articles, links and resources to aid gay and lesbian adoptions.
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Lesbian Life
About.com site with guide Kathy Belge.

Gay Life
About.com site with guide Ramon Johnson.

Let Him Stay
More on the Florida issue.

Gays Lose Adoption Fight in Florida
An article written by the Lesbian Life Guide, Kathy Belge.

Lesbian and Gay Adoption Rights
An article written by the Lesbian Life Guide, Kathy Belge. Here she addresses both sides of the issue.

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute: Eliminating Barriers to Gay Adoption
The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute released its latest study September 2008, which offers recommendations to increase the number of prospective adoptive parents for children in foster care by welcoming gays and lesbians.

Legal Issues for the Gay and Lesbian Family
There are many legal issues that plague the gay and lesbian family. The first step before deciding on adding to your family is to know where gay adoption is legal. Are you wanting to know more about the legal issues facing your gay or lesbian family?

Deciding if Adoption Is the Right Choice for Your Gay Family
There is a lot to think about before adding to your family. When considering adoption for a gay family, there seems to be even more decisions to make and options to keep in mind. A gay prospective adoptive parent must not only work through the adoption process, but also know what choices are available in their state or country regarding gay...

What Are Some Adoption Options for Gay & Lesbian Couples?
Gay adoption basics to help gay parents with adoption information. Getting started with a gay or lesbian adoption.

Gay Adoption Basics
Learn more about gay adoption and the process of completing an adoption.

Gay Adoption Issues - Choosing an LGBT Friendly Attorney
Tips to choosing the best attorney for your family.

Case Brief: Homosexuals and Adoption-Equal Protection
Case brief on homosexuals and adoption in Florida. Is Florida's law unconstitutional?

Adoption Reading Material for Gay/Lesbian Parents
A growing reading list for gay/lesbian parents.

Adoption Reading Material for Children in Gay/Lesbian Families
A growing reading list for children growing up in gay/lesbian families.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption/Parenting Sites
A list of information for gay and lesbian couples interested in adoption, foster care, and parenting. A great on-line resource.

Single Parent Adoption and Women
More single women are turning toward adoption as an option to bring children into their lives. Negative social stigma is just one of the challenges for those who choose single parent adoption.

The Gay Parenting Page
Book reviews, useful links, and articles written from the gay parent perspective.

Our Families - Our Children
The Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force Report on Quality Child Care.

Lambda Legal
"Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work." ~ Lambda Legal

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
"NGLTF is the national progressive organization working for the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, with the vision and commitment to building a powerful political movement." ~ From the Website

Pink Panther
"A UK-wide charity of, by and for lesbian, gay and bisexual parents, parents-to-be and their children, offering a quarterly magazine, website, publications, enquiry service, training and workshops."

glbtiQ & Adopted
"Here you will find an annotated list of articles, books, films, Web sites, blogs, and online chat groups started/written by and for queer (a term used to include gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgendered) adoptees. Being an adult adoptee and part of the GLBTIQ community is a unique identity, and it is important to know where to look for shared experiences."

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