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Parenting Teenagers May Be Right for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...

Thinking About Fostering or Adoptive Parenting Teenagers?


Summer fun on Father's Day with the whole family.

Parenting teens offers many enjoyable and fun moments.

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Making the decision to be a foster or adoptive parent is a big one. There is much to think about, including the age of the child that you are interested in fostering or adopting. If you are thinking about foster or adoptive parenting teenagers here are a few things to consider before deciding if parenting teenagers is right for you and your family.

Parenting teenagers may be right for your foster or adoptive family if...

  • ...you can teach a teenager skills such as getting and maintaining a job, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and more to help him live independently as a productive citizen one day.

  • ...you can help a teen explore options such as college, trade school, or moving directly into the workforce.

  • ...you are open to visiting college campuses with the teen.

  • ...you can encourage a teen to maintain healthy relationships and choose positive friends, but still respect their choices and avoid power struggles.

  • ...you have the patience to teach a teenager how to drive and maintain a sense of humor.

  • ...you have a sense of humor.

  • ...you enjoy having more grown-up conversations and joking around that often goes with raising teenagers.

  • ...you can take multiple pictures of the teen and her prom date on the night of the big dance and successfully embarrass them both.

  • ...you are able to cheer her on in any activity that she is involved in, such as dance, sports, art, or the debate team and encourage that involvement.

  • ...you can encourage a teen to finish his high school education.

  • ...you are ready to talk openly about different life issues and values such as religion, sex, dating, honesty, and integrity.

  • ...you know that you only have a few short years with the teen in your home and you need to make a difference quickly.

  • ...you realize that the time may be short with the teen in your home, but know that parenting doesn't stop at age 18 and you are open to continuing with a lifelong connection.

  • ...you understand that every teen needs a safe place to call home and a place to return for holidays.

  • ...you are ready to balance a teen's independence with strong parenting and boundaries.

  • ...you are ready to help a teenager transition into young adulthood.

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