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Establishing Yourself as a Parent


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Your Role as Mom or Dad

So, you've gone from an empty house to a full one. Now what? When it comes to foster and or adopting a child, especially an older child - setting roles, rules, and boundaries can be tough. This is especially true if you've never parented before or if you are a young parent. Believe me, the kids smell fear!

Lots of people want to be the "cool" mom or dad on the block. From my experience and from the families I've seen and worked with, the kids need and cry out for real parenting. Don't be afraid of this role and don't be afraid of feeling like the kids don't like you from time to time.

There is a huge difference between being a buddy or friend to your children and being a parent. Parents -

  • meet needs,
  • set boundaries or rules,
  • allow consequences to occur in order to teach a life lesson

When it comes to parenting, especially with older kids, it is very important to establish your role as a parent as soon as the children walk in the door.

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