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Snow Day Activities for Foster or Adopted Children


So, you just read or heard the announcement on the news, it's a snow day. The kids are cheering and all you can think about is the long list of things you need to get done. What are you going to do with your foster children or adopted children on a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day activities for foster or adopted children that will keep them busy.

  1. Watch Movies - This is the easiest answer to the snow day problem. I just wouldn't recommend this being the only snow day activity, unless you don't mind your children being zombied out. Look for movies with adoption or foster care themes. Now, you have time to discuss any topics that come up.

  2. Work on Lifebooks - I know I seem to talk about this a lot, but I only do so because it is that important to the kids. Snow days are a great time to work on lifebooks.

  3. Let them Play in the Snow - Don't you remember your snow days? This is the best part!

  4. Bake Cookies - Take some time and do something fun with the kids. Baking will not only warm up your house, but their hearts and tummies. Doing activities in the kitchen also teaches foster children and newly adopted children social skills as well as math skills such as measuring.

  5. Clean Out Toys - Have the kids go through their toys and make piles for ones to keep, ones to donate, and ones to trash. You can come in at your leisure to investigate their progress. Great activity to do before the holidays so that there is room for new treasure. This also teaches kids how to give to others.

  6. Reading - Make time for quiet reading. Look for books with an adoption or foster care theme. How about activities that go along with the story?

  7. Draw Pictures - Pictures to decorate your refrigerator or that of a birthparent.

  8. Decorate the Christmas Tree - If the season is near, go ahead and have the kids get into the holiday spirit by decorating the Christmas tree or other holiday decorations you may have waiting in boxes. This gives you the opportunity to discuss the holidays with foster children as many do not understand what the holidays are all about.

  9. Cultural Time - This may be an excellent opportunity for the kids to take time to explore their culture via the Internet or books you already have on hand.

  10. Make a Craft - About.com has a wonderful resource with our Family Crafts Web site.

  11. Make a Gift List - Give the kids some paper and have them list out items they want for the holidays or an upcoming birthday. Teach them how to think of others by making a list of gift ideas for their birth family.

  12. Write Letters - This is a great time for the kids to write letters to their birth family.

  13. Work Puzzles - Keep puzzles on hand for snow day emergencies. This activity is not only educational but teaches children how to entertain themselves.

  14. Quiet Time - This is something we do every Sunday. Everyone goes to their room for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Reading, playing quietly or taking a nap is all permitted, as long as it's quiet.

  15. Play Games - Kids love to play games, whether board games, card games, or ones they've made up. Games can be educational in so many ways. Foster children can learn needed social and communication skills.

  16. Shovel Snow

  17. - Let the older kids get out and do some work, whether it be for you or an elderly neighbor. Another great lesson on service and thinking of others.

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