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To Add a Child or Not to Add a Child - Timing May be the Answer


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Whenever we add to or take from our home and family life, everyone is usually impacted by that change. When deciding to add to the family through adoption or foster care, know that the new addition will also change the dynamics of the home and family.

Remember that when a child moves into your home, that child will already being going through so many different transitions or changes. Consider that the child may be experiencing the following:

A Child's Transitions

  • new family
  • new home
  • new school
  • new friends
  • possible change in culture
  • possible change in community

How will the child's changes impact the family?If the family is already in a state of change, is that a good time to add to your family? A family may be experiencing any one or several of the following:

Possible Family Transitions

  • new job or other career move
  • financial changes due to career change
  • move to a new home and/or community
  • home remodeling
  • relationship issues within the family, whether between adults or children
  • school changes or advancements - ex. elementary to middle school
  • illness of a family member
  • death of family member

If several people within a home are in transition, who will be able to help a child adjust? After much thought, with so much new or changing in a home, it may be found that it is probably not the best time to accept a foster or adoptive child. Once the time of transition has passed, the addition of a new family member can be re-evaluated and discussed.

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