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Tis the Season to be Curly

Winter Hair Care Tips


Mahisha Dellinger, Founder of CURLS

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Mahisha Dellinger

Winter is the season that wrecks the most havoc on curly tresses. From the seemingly instant change in climate to the daily assault of dry, brittle wind and frizz-producing rain -- a curly girl just doesn't have a chance! However, you can counter the evils of winter by incorporating a good hair regime and using only quality products for your curly angel's hair. Product choice is paramount. Look for moisturizing cleansers and conditioners and hydrating stylers and leave in products for her curls. Remember curly hair is as delicate as it is beautiful; therefore it is imperative that you treat her hair like you would a fine silk blouse - with extra care. Regular conditioning, daily moisturizing and quality hair care products are a must!

Holiday Hair Do's & Don'ts

  • Give her curly hair a pre-holiday deep treatment, with heat, especially if you plan to heat style her hair. This extra step will help protect the cuticle from damage.
  • Don't overdo the heat styling. Excessive blow drying, flat ironing and curling will perpetuate dryness and encourage breakage.
  • Nothing is more unattractive then sparse, stringy ends, especially on curly girls. Regular trims should be a part of her hair care regimen. Curly hair should be trimmed at least every 3 months, and 1 week before a major event or party. But don't just trust anyone with her gorgeous locks. Ensure that her stylist is familiar with styling and cutting curly hair.
  • Use the right tools when styling her hair. Always opt for natural boar bristle brushes and not nylon brushes, as they tend to break the hair especially during winter months.
  • Go natural! Explore her hair in its natural glory. Cleanse, condition, and moisturize her curly tresses and let them be. Curly Q Milkshake is the perfect wash and go curl reviver, definer, and defrizzer.

Let the sparkle and shimmer of the holiday season inspire you to have fun with her curly hair. A pretty princess dress, darling patent leather shoes, and the latest accessories are all she needs for the festivities. Top it all off with the perfect curls and she's got a look that's simply stunning!

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